October 24

Ladies Night: A Captivating Read by Christian Keyes

I saw a clip of All the Queen’s Men with Eva Marcille, playing the gorgeous, powerful, and stylish Madam, and I had to know more!

The part I saw was her using her truck to rip the front door off someone’s house. From there I was hooked! I had to know what led up to this. Unfortunately I don’t have BET+ and currently don’t desire to pay for it, so I couldn’t watch the show.

I did some digging and learned more about the show and that it was based on the book, Ladies Night by Christian Keyes. He is an actor, writer, producer and also stars in the show.

So I grabbed the book and let me tell you, when I started it, I could not put it down. I can see how that book inspired this show. I enjoyed reading it, and was saddened when it ended because I wanted MORE!

My favorite part of the book was the way Amp was able to overcome his past and make peace with his mistakes. His relationship with Dime was beginning to blossom and I love how it started out with friendship and honesty between them both.

Here’s a quick synopsis of Ladies Night by Christian Keyes:

Amp is the main character who spent time in prison for an accident that ruined a young woman’s life. During his time there he was alone, his prestigious family turned their back on him. He was released and moved into transitional housing, where he wrestled with the demons of his past.

He had a plan for himself that involved never going back to prison, and began to look for work. Part of his daily routine included working out at the park, where Madam saw him. She knew he’d be a great fit for her club.

Because he needed money, he started working as a bouncer at the club. That was bringing him good, legal money which is what he wanted. But, Amp also saw that the male dancers were making bank. Bravely, he tried out for amateur night, and he was an instant hit.

During this time, he and Dime developed a friendship. It was clear they were both feeling each other. The book ended with him telling her about the drunk driving accident he had that forever changed him, and he was moving out of the halfway house into his own place.

Amp got his fresh start and had developed a new family in the process. I think that for anyone coming out of prison, having the right people around you and being able to make the money you need LEGALLY in order to thrive is key to reintegrating into society. I know that wasn’t the point of this book, but it was a good lesson in being set up for success after serving time.

This was a great book to read, and I enjoyed Keyes’ descriptive writing. I felt like I was right there inside Club Eden talking to Amp. The show, All The Queen’s Men is amazing. Eva does the damn thing and everyone in the show is like a family. I can’t wait to watch every episode.

Keyes has another book, Dr. Feelgood. This was another character from Ladies Night. I’m sure this was just as good. This character discovered he was a father in the midst of Amp’s story.





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