March 21

Know the Source of Your Energy


Oh boy it’s Monday.

I am NOT a fan of Monday’s because it signals the misuse of my time. Monday is when I go back to the office and spend what seems like an eternity away from my family.

That was a bit dramatic, but that’s really how I feel.

My job robs me of my creativity and freedom, but I also realize that I need my job.

It’s a great job. I love the company I work for, just not the experiences I’ve had while working in a small division of the organization.

Someone asked the question, where does your energy come from?

That really made me think.

The source of my energy is amazing and always plentiful!

I source energy from my spirituality, my dreams and being focused on the future, my family, from love, happiness, meditation, yoga, taking walks and being in nature, sleep, eating, writing, photography, coloring, playing with my girls, cuddling with the baby, looking up at the night sky, taking a nice drive, listening to music, and the list just keeps going!

It made me think of all the things that I am grateful for.

These are the sources of my energy. When you think positively, there will be an abundant source of energy available to you.

I sat down and made a list of all the ways I use my energy. I was surprised at all the things I do each day. It makes you wonder how you keep going!

The same way that I use energy in multiple ways I gain energy!

I also had to think about what drains my energy, besides the day job.

What drains your energy? 

Life has taught me many things.

One thing I’ve learned is that it takes more energy to be mad and hold on to pain.

That is the ultimate source of drain!

Back to my Monday issues, there are many things I don’t like about my job, but I am still grateful to have it. I realize I need this job to care for my family and finance my dreams.

It’s all about perspective.

When I changed my perspective, I regained the energy that was spent stressing! You can make any situation work for you, trust me I know. I have mastered the art of finding the lesson in the ugliest of situations.

Life is all about Positive Forward Movement!

Use your energy and other resources to move forward in life! Knowing the things that give you life and which things drain you can help you direct your attention to things that will grow you.

How does your energy flow?

Do you know where you draw your strength from and how you spend your energy?

Sharing is caring! Share this with a friend and let me know where you get your energy.


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