December 6

Intentions and Themes for the New Year

Before you know it, we will be entering 2019. I’m spending the last few months of 2018 reflecting and releasing.

One of my New Year practices is to choose a theme and set intentions for the year.

For the last few years, I have come up with a theme. It’s generally one word, but sometimes it’s a phrase. It has so much power and energy behind it that it propels me through the year.

The theme I choose is my central focus for the year. It could be love, finances, creativity, write more…anything.

For 2019, my theme is EXPANSION.

Expansion is about going deeper and wider into practices that I have set forth in 2018. I created some really solid foundations and goals, now I just want to expand. My life, my business, my everything. I desire Expansion on so many levels.

I don’t set resolutions, but rather intentions and then I have 2-3 big goals for my life and business. I shared my wellness goals, and I am also writing a book.

My intentions or Core Desires, are Alignment, Love, and Wellness. This may change as I revisit my plans for 2019.

Alignment is about bringing more of my inner world into my outer world. Finding balance between my spiritual beliefs and how I live my life. Love is love!! I want to experience more love in my life, from connecting with others, taking care of myself, and giving and receiving love from others. Wellness isn’t just fitness it’s having wellness in all areas of my life.

The planners I am using this year are the 2019 Biddy Tarot Planner and I chose to go back to the Desire Map Daily planner this year. I enjoyed using the Law of Attraction Planner, but it didn’t have enough space for me.

I use the Biddy Tarot Planner to incorporate daily and weekly Tarot card readings to help me stay in alignment with my intentions for the year. I use Tarot for so many things it really is a part of my life.

The main things I want to focus on personally are my daily wellness routine, improving my finances, and moving. Having a more active social life is also important to me. That has been a bit of a challenge with an energetic toddler.

Professionally, I definitely want to expand my business and collaborate with others to serve the greater good of all.

I feel like 2017 dragged me, 2018 I was getting my balance back, so for me 2019 is about hitting the ground running, focused and in my lane.

Setting intentions and themes for each year have really helped me change my life.

I encourage you to pick a word or phrase that represents what you want the next year of your life to be about.

Then choose 2-3 things that you want to focus on.


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