March 29

Initiating a New Chapter In My Life


I would see meme’s and posts where people would say how their cards called them out. I don’t know if I had that experience, because I would usually roll my eyes to myself.

I recently had the pleasure of working with The New Chapter Tarot, from Liminal 11 and Kathryn Briggs. It’s a really beautiful deck. It has some very Thoth like elements, but doesn’t lose the more modern aspects of Tarot or overcomplicate things (if that makes sense).

Anyway, I did a review of the deck that you can check out to see the cards.

I waited until I could do a review before really exploring the deck and using it. After the experience that I had with this deck I might do the review after interviewing the deck. I interview the deck by asking it questions to get to know the deck and how it may help me along my journey.

The Deck Interview Spread I used for this deck was: 

1. What journey are you taking me on?
2. What shadow will you illuminate for me?
3. How will you help me shine my light?
4. How can we best work together?
5. What are your strengths?

This spread is a mashup of questions that are commonly asked in many other spreads that you can find online. I have been working on my own Spiritual Love Tarot version of the spread, but it’s not yet complete. I like using these questions because it really gets to the heart of what I want to know with a deck. This spread hasn’t let me down yet.

Here are the cards I pulled as I completed this spread:

Deck Interview Spread

1. What journey are you taking me on? – Six of Wands
2. What shadow will you illuminate for me? – Ten of Wands
3. How will you help me shine my light? – The Moon
4. How can we best work together? The Universe
5. What are your strengths? The High Priestess

I’m absolutely blown away at the depth and clarity that comes through for me when reading with this deck. What really got me is how the cards highlighted some really key issues that I’ve been wrestling with. I know that in order for me to grow and evolve, I have to address them in a more intentional way.

So let’s get into this reading:

What journey are you taking me on? – Six of Wands

The figure in this card is sitting in a pose that’s similar to a Yoga pose that I love. This card is about honoring myself, and coming home to myself. This feels very much like alignment and that is a theme that plays out through this entire reading.

The chapter that I am entering into is one where I am able to see my own light.

The Spring Equinox reading I did is all about emerging as a leader, and claiming my abundance (what I like to call Abundantly Ever After) in all areas of life. The journey to manifesting dreams into reality can be a difficult one when you are always focused on the end result and not seeing the magic in the present moment. It’s important to express gratitude for myself and my journey.

Being present in each moment while not losing sight of my vision for the future. How Yoga is that?!

Yoga is something that I’ve been saying I wanted to reconnect with. Not gonna lie my practice has been inconsistent at best for the past 3 years.

I do practice but not in the way that I truly desire. Yoga allows me to honor myself, be present in the moment and helps me to align myself as well. This practice saved my life at a time when I was surrounded by agony and darkness.

Part of my struggle with the practice is seeing just how lack of practice has impacted me physically. I am not as strong as I was. The Six of Wands is calling me to return to that space that feels good for my mind, body, and soul.

One of my big dreams is to become a Yoga teacher. I cannot reach that goal if I am not willing to make space to get on my mat each day.

Yoga is alignment in action, that’s exactly what I need!

What shadow will you illuminate for me? – Ten of Wands

This card hit my core. Look at this Ten of Wands. The man is there working away. Above him almost as if they are thoughts or other events is what looks to be a baby bird, not fully developed but hatching and a wand piercing through them. It’s so clear that there is something horrible happening, but this guy is just working away. This is so me sometimes.

What this brought up is my Capricorn South Node. This is where I can easily stay. Where I’m focused on work, accomplishing things and not focusing on home, or the other Cancerian aspects of nurturing. I used to stay heavily in my North Node, but an abusive relationship shifted that for me. I loved taking care of home and others. Family was everything but some life experiences really helped me to dig deeper into my Capricorn. Clearly I need some balance here.

This card is about being distracted by work and responsibilities so much that you are ignoring all the other shit happening around you. It’s almost like being a workaholic to avoid the rest of life. Not wanting to deal with challenges. The image of the bird there also reminds me of a recent loss that I suffered. I made sure that I took the time to grieve and process everything. I am super grateful that my work allows me to be flexible and adjust my schedule as I need. Being a biz owner and single parent is not easy.

I also have a gift (and a curse) where shit will be on fire and I can totally tune it out. I’ll just mind my own business and leave the world to sort out their shit. Before I would try to help and put it out. How can I help? More of the North Node vibes. I really didn’t make the connection of being pushed into my South Node by trauma until I started writing this article. (THIS IS WHY I LOVE TAROT)

Balance is needed, some healing is needed so that I can rest comfortably in my North Star and bring this cycle to an end, because it is not aligned for me. I can no longer use work or the drive to reach my goals as a distraction, or an excuse as to why I am not living and enjoying life. It’s also important that I be aware of the issues that are impacting society. We are all connected and in order for me to do the work that matters, I need to be aware, mindful and participate. Connectedness is part of my life and work. I won’t succeed in my work without that, or life for that matter.

I have started and shifted my business sooo many times. Even using my work as a distraction from doing the true work I wanted to do. I spend sooo many hours changing things that didn’t really matter. Only to come full circle. I’m really excited and motivated to do the work to restore balance within, so I can be of support in deeper ways to the people I am here to serve.

In honor of the Six of Wands, let me say that I have been consistent and absolutely thrilled with the direction of my business. It feels like I am truly aligned and honoring my divine purpose.

It is safe to say that my shadow has been illuminated. I learned something new about myself.

How will you help me shine my light? – The Moon

This translates to I’m going to expose everything you still haven’t dealt with because I love you. 😁

When I look at this card, I see finding strength and comfort in the dark. The Moon is all about illusions, the subconscious and fears. It’s a card that also indicates depth. We going deep with this one y’all!

Being able to confront your shadow, fears, and the illusions you have about life and yourself makes you a stronger person. Many people don’t grow beyond their limits because they are afraid to face them. We can hide or live in fear because it’s easier than being real and navigating change. I have been to the darkside and back plenty of times before. I know how much wiser and stronger that made me.

I asked the question, what is lurking around in my subconscious? The image had me curious as to the figures on the card, so I took a look in the guidebook. I learned that is Goddess Inanna. I know her from a beautiful Oracle deck I have. What I didn’t know is that she was killed by her sister and then reborn or resurrected. I looked at this two ways.

  1. The relationship I have with my own sister
  2. The sister being the other half of me, the shadow the part that needs to be integrated so that I can be reborn whole

Both of these totally apply. Recently a lot has been coming up for me around family relationships. I’ve been let down, judged, ridiculed, and so many other things by my immediate family. In a time when I was dealing with Major Depressive Disorder, PTSD and Anxiety on top of dealing with custody issues and trying to come to terms with leaving an abusive relationship, they were NO HELP.

It’s a lot there to process. My default has been to be cordial and keep my distance. Not expecting anything from them that I know they aren’t capable of giving. This has hurt me to my core because family is everything to me.

Remember my Cancer North Node? I have been crippled in so many ways by my family dynamics, but learned to operate in a place of acceptance.

I think it’s time to get back into forgiveness work around this issue so that my heart will be lighter. Death of the Ego is what came up in this card as well.

How can we best work together? The Universe

The woman on this card is rooted firmly. There is healing of the roots that’s needed here, which I highlighted in The Moon card but also came through more prevalent in this card. I had some issues with the house I was living in and had to move quickly. I am at my parents house in the meantime while I look for a home of my own. I promised myself that I would not put myself in the position to have to live with anyone again, but I feel I am here so that I can heal.

The last time I lived with family I was not as strong or sure of myself as I am now. It’s totally different, and I am so grateful for that. Another nod to the Six of Wands energy from this reading.

What came up from this card was being grounded, aligned and focused on transformation. The card spoke to me differently here. Saying:

I am an extension of you. Helping you to hear and see the messages you need to integrate so you can evolve into your Highest Self. There’s nothing to fear. I am here to help you be grounded/rooted into the fullness of who you truly are. You’re closing out this cycle so that you can begin another as the best version of yourself.

The beautiful blue serpent really caught my eye. Blue is my favorite color and when I envision my Highest Self she is wearing this color. I feel that message was channeled directly from Spirit, which ties into the final card in this reading.

What are your strengths? The High Priestess

This is the ability to access all parts of myself. Channeling. Being supported and guided. Spirit is talking to me. Exploring past, present, and future to gain knowledge. I saw 33 as I wrote this and that is a divine number for me. I am being divinely guided and am tapped into deep wisdom and divine knowledge.


This was one of the most powerful readings I’ve done lately, especially as far as Deck Interview Spreads go. I will be revisiting this and diving deeper into the messages that came out of the cards. I knew there was a reason I was called to start a Tarot journal. It’s so clear that I am starting a New Chapter in my life.


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