April 11

How to Stay on Track with Tarot Challenges


One of the things I struggled with the most was starting challenges, but not being able to finish them. I realized I needed 1 place to put everything. I liked using my journal to document the challenges, but I didn’t always want to type out the message.

Using my paper Tarot journal wasn’t working either.

Soooo… I created a Tarot Challenge Journal for myself! It’s available on Amazon. When I initially created it there was only 3 months’ worth of pages. I extended it so now it includes space for 6 months worth of challenges!!

While creating this, I also make a Tarot/Oracle Reading Journal. I use it to do readings and to record my card of the day too. You can order this on Amazon also, right here.

I recorded a video to share more about these journals that I created.


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