August 11

How to Eliminate Toxic People from Your Life


Eliminate toxic people from your life in 3 steps!

We talked about Toxic Tammy and Toxic Tommy and I shared some tips on how to recognize them in your own life, now we’re going to discuss how to eliminate toxic people from your life.

1. Realize they are toxic

  • Evaluate the people in your life:
    • How do they make you feel?
    • Do they add value?
    • Are they only taking from you?

2. Evaluate the situation

  • What type of relationship is it?
  • How often do you see them?
  • Are you able to reason with them?

The situation and type of relationship will determine how you handle the situation.

If you want steps tailored for you and support along the way, let’s talk and start building healthy relationships.

3. Set and Maintain Boundaries

  • This will prevent them from accessing you.
  • This is the hard part, it’s hard to let go of familiar relationships even if they aren’t good for you.
  • This is where support and guidance are needed.

The best way to deal with toxic people is not to!

These three steps will help you protect your peace and make room for healthy relationships.


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