November 2

How Prayer and Meditation Helped Me Regain Control


This happens, then that. More shit happens, your to do list grows, your stress builds up, and worry overflows. Everything you thought you were doing right is suddenly being questioned and reviewed as you say, “Where did I go wrong” or “Why is all of this happening”.

Life is such a blessing and quite a journey, but it is definitely challenging. Things happen that will shake up your entire world and leave you trying to balance it all.

When there is utter chaos and no end in sight, those are the times that I am reminded of how important it is to go within for prayer or meditation.

One morning I woke up and reluctantly began to get ready for work and I stopped and prayed. Then I looked in the mirror, smiled, and started my day. I was reminded that because I am up and doing well in life there are forces that will try to bring me down.

This is part of the reason why I surround myself with positive people at all times. I cleared out my social networks and media consumption. Nothing to add any negativity to my life at all!

Prayer and meditation allowed me to quiet my mind and look at the issues at hand from a different perspective.

Once I was able to clear my mind and change my thinking.

I was able to work through my problems, rather than react to how they made me feel. By adjusting myself, I am able to move with ease through the situations life has presented me.

Will every day be smooth? Nope, not at all but I will get through each one of them with a smile (and maybe a glass of wine).

Prayer directs our energy and thoughts. Whether you pray, meditate, or use affirmations. It all helps to direct our energy.

It gives me a sense of understanding and acceptance, allowing me to be at peace and move forward.


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