December 23

How Love Changed My Life Years Ago


This time of the year is always special for me.

13 years ago today my life was changed like never before. There I was fresh in adulthood, with a beautiful baby girl.

All I knew was I had to make it for her, for us. I did everything I could to be a good Mom. There were some hard situations that interfered with that, but I still kept on.

I never knew what a struggle was until I had to fight for my child, my life, and my sanity.

13 years later, it was all worth it! The smiles, tears, love, & pain to know that this little girl is the new & improved version of me.

The same things I liked as a girl she is into. Sometimes I watch her, and it’s like looking into a mirror.

I can say that my daughter is my best friend. I know there are the parents that say ‘I’m not your friend…’ and don’t believe in that type of relationship, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I trust that my daughter will come to me with anything and she trusts that I will listen and give her a chance to express herself.

The distance that forced us apart is the same bond that holds us together. Hate can never drive love apart.

I would rather hang out with my daughter, travel to new places, or just chill at home watching silly YouTube videos, eating popcorn, trying to do the latest dances then be anywhere else.

I am beyond proud of her.

As I type this my eyes are tearing up, because I helped to create such a strong-minded, intelligent, beautiful, and talented young lady.

She is so caring, but will quickly let someone know where they stand. I look at her and see parts of me and her father, a cosmic blend that created the life that is Kaylah, my firstborn, right hand, and the first love I’ve ever known.

I am such a lucky Mom. The journey through motherhood was a hard one, but I wouldn’t trade if for the world.

I love my baby girl!

She is the reason I am working hard to bring Positive Forward Movement to life. So when she enters adulthood she will be equipped to handle the challenges that life throws at her.

I am making my dream come true to help young women as a coach and healer, and she is the reason.

More to come, Positive Forward Movement are the steps and strategies I used to make sure I got through my challenges to be the best Mother I could be.

Being a parent is the most challenging and rewarding role life has to offer. I parent from a place of positivity and teach my a daughter to love and embrace everything that makes her unique.

I never want her to feel ashamed of herself or her thoughts.


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