July 23

Hoodoo Tarot Two: Family and Friends


I purchased the Hoodoo Tarot in January 2020 and fell in love with it. It was created by Tayannah Lee McQuillar, who has an amazing body of work. Including a powerful oracle deck and books.

I went through my deck connection process and was so excited to do a review of it on my YouTube channel, but something didn’t feel right about doing that. There was something about this deck that was very vocal about privacy, so I honored that.

Rather than keep going, I stopped filming and created a deck interview spread. To this day it still remains the most moving and clear deck interview spread I’ve done.

Because of the connection with this deck, it became one that I worked with for my personal readings and ancestral work.

I moved at the beginning of 2021 and thought that my Hoodoo deck was packed away in storage with the rest of my decks. I couldn’t find it and was pretty bummed. I kept that deck near me at all times.

It lived on my altar, desk, or reading table so I could access it all the time.

Kim, from Abundant Life Tarot, was doing a Tarot study of the Hoodoo Tarot and I was like ooooh. It was a no brainer to dive into the study.

And a great chance for me to purchase another copy and reconnect with the deck. At the start of July 2021, I purchased another copy of the Hoodoo Tarot and less than 20 days later, I came across my original one after all.

Talk about being surprised! This July has been a ‘Christmas in July’ for real!

Family and Friends is what I heard when I put the two together to share after wondering if they needed names. I thought that was an interesting choice, but I guess I’m gonna roll with it.

Other decks I have two of are:

  • Womanifesting Fertility Affirmation Cards
  • Everyday Tarot Deck
  • The Sacred Creators Oracle (it was republished by Hay House)
  • Enchanted Map Oracle (these were redesigned a bit so not sure if it counts 100%)
  • Angel Tarot

One deck that I would love a 2nd copy of is the Energy Oracle, it’s one of my favorites!


Deck Collection, Hoodoo Tarot

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