July 25

Hoodoo Tarot Two: Family and Friends Edition


I purchased the Hoodoo Tarot in January 2020 and fell in love with it. It was created by Tayannah Lee McQuillar, who has an amazing body of work. Including a powerful oracle deck and books.

I went through my deck connection process and was so excited to do a review of the HooDoo Tarot deck on my YouTube channel, but something didn’t feel right about doing that. There was something about this deck that was very vocal about privacy, so I honored that.

Rather than keep going, I stopped filming and created a deck interview spread. To this day it still remains the most moving and clear deck interview spread I’ve done.

Because of the connection with this deck, it became one that I worked with for my personal readings and ancestral work.

I moved at the beginning of 2021 and thought that my Hoodoo deck was packed away in storage with the rest of my decks. I couldn’t find it and was pretty bummed. I kept that deck near me at all times.

It lived on my altar, desk, or reading table so I could access it all the time.

Kim, from Abundant Life Tarot, was doing a Tarot study of the Hoodoo Tarot and I was like ooooh. It was a no brainer to dive into the study.

And a great chance for me to purchase another copy and reconnect with the deck. At the start of July 2021, I purchased another copy of the Hoodoo Tarot and less than 20 days later, I came across my original one after all.

Talk about being surprised! This July has been a ‘Christmas in July’ for real!

Family and Friends is what I heard when I put the two together to share after wondering if they needed names. I thought that was an interesting choice, but I guess I’m gonna roll with it.

Other decks I have two copies of are:

  • Womanifesting Fertility Affirmation Cards
  • Everyday Tarot Deck
  • The Sacred Creators Oracle (it was republished by Hay House)
  • Enchanted Map Oracle (these were redesigned a bit so not sure if it counts 100%)
  • Angel Tarot

One deck that I would love a 2nd copy of is the Energy Oracle, it’s one of my favorites!


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