February 12

Fostering Sisterhood


I have always been big on friendship, sisters, and solidarity.

Sisterhood is important to me.

I grew up with a sister, but we never truly connected the way I felt sisters should. Some days we get along, other days not at all.

I can say that over the past year things have improved, but that is still a challenging relationship for me. I do love my sister, we just aren’t sister friends.

I have had to accept our relationship for what it is and that has helped me to embrace it and move on.

I see how our relationship has shaped how I view relationships with other women.

I have some really great friends and it was an up hill battle to allow myself to open up and trust them. I also notice I get along better with older women than those closer to my age group.

A key in life is to examine your relationships and understand how and why they form. The people around us influence us the most, so it is important to make sure you are around people that are beneficial to your overall development and lifestyle.

I’ve spent a lot of time paying attention to developing and maintaining friendships, as well as understanding sisterhood and solidarity. I want to connect with other women, fellowship, serve, and build meaningful relationships.

It is possible to be successful as a loner, but the road is a lot harder.

The saying it takes a village is true. We do need help, support, and encouragement. We also need to have fun!

As I embark on the journey of growing a business I know I will need to network and collaborate with others, so I am opening myself up more and taking chances on building new relationships.

I will be a bit vulnerable and will really have to work my faith muscle.

I notice my daughter has adopted my perspective on friends and did not want her to limit herself. Networking and socializing is part of a healthy lifestyle, when around the right kind of people.

In undergrad I was interested in joining a sorority but what I saw during Rush Week and what pledges had to go through didn’t add value or meaning to me.

It reminded me of the already damaged relationships I knew and I decided not to pursue it at that time. It was something I put in the back of my mind.

Fast forward to now and I made friends with a woman who reintroduced me to sororities. The way she carried herself, the service they do in the community, and the friendship really stood out.

I became interested in this sorority after some bad publicity from others on a personal level. Anyway, the best thing about it is they have a program for girls my daughter’s age.

I was so eager for her to apply to become a Rhoer affiliate. The organization is dedicated to helping young ladies grow to be women of substance. It’s great that she was accepted and will be interacting with other smart girls.

This will give her the chance to volunteer, gain responsibility, and develop friendships. It will also open doors to other opportunities for her in the future, if she chooses to stay in this organization. I hope that she does.

I, too, am hoping to become a member of this organization. It would mean a lot to me to become a Sigma.


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