August 15

Flowers in Bloom a Self Care Ritual


How a bouquet of flowers helped my soul grow.

The last couple of months I have been purchasing a bouquet of flowers to keep in the house. I have them on an end table along with some of the crystals that I collect and my bible. Sometimes I just sit and stare at them in a meditative trance. That helps when I’m feeling overwhelmed which has been a lot lately. The sweet smell of flowers is enough to lift any darkened mood. They have also been an inspirational source for my photo sessions as I better learn my camera.

I never knew what was really required of maintaining fresh flowers until I took the time to learn. If you’ve ever maintained fresh flowers you know they need care in order to thrive. You can’t simply put them in water and expect them to survive. I care for people every day, but something about trying to keep these flowers alive really moved me — weird I know.

I’m guessing it’s my love for nature and just the overall beauty of flowers. We see flowers as something external and created by God…it’s so much easier to see their magnificence, than my own.

The better I treated them the longer they lasted. One day as I took them out of their vase emptied the dirty water, washed the vase, & refilled it, as I begin to trim the stems and remove leaves and dead petals a thought came to mind.

I started thinking about my life. The care and attention that I was giving to these flowers I needed to give to myself. Taking the time to throw out the dirty – thoughts, habits, and emotions… and replace them with fresh new things. Trimming away death – negative things from my life so that newness can come in.

Sometimes I feel bad about having fresh cut flowers because I know they cannot sustain their life, but I do give thanks for their presence and the healing they give with their fragrance and beauty. I believe everything has energy, power, and purpose as we were all created…

Flowers have such a positive and uplifting energy. Once I noticed how cheery they really made me I made it a point to keep them around. I smell them as often as possible and take care of them so they last as long as possible. I meditate and pray with them around me and it makes my little world so happy.

I learned to care for my soul through this, I take the time to nurture God’s creation. As I am part of that I too need to nurture myself. This came at a time when I was so stressed and wasn’t giving my soul much attention. It’s always in the little things that the divine calls out to us.

As earth as it is in heaven. As above, So Below


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