August 8

Fizzled TF Out A Tarot Spread for Burnout


Have you ever started a day out riding high?

Everything was going well. You were excited for the day and full of energy, then out of nowhere, you are dragging? Feeling unmotivated, scattered, and just flustered? Ugh!

Today was that day for me, so I whipped up this spread to explore why I’m feeling FIzzled TF Out.

Give it a try if you need some guidance to reignite your fire.

Fizzled TF Out Spread

1. What is snuffing out my fire/energy?
2. What lesson is there to learn from this?
3. What will support me in relighting my fire?
4. Something to keep the energy flowing:
5. Message for self care and/or support:

I created this spread because I needed it! Check out my reading here.


Burnout, divination, Stress, Tarot Journal, Tarot Spread

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