July 27

Feeling Brand New


After having my second child, I can say that I am renewed. I feel so strong, fresh, alive, divine, and love. I feel like love inside and out. There is this freshness, newness, and clarity that permeates all aspects of my life. I feel like in giving birth I shed something heavy and regained a newness in my life. I have joy, hope, a lot to look forward to, and more motivation to keep going forward in life.

I am in such a good place, the only thing I need is more time! I have been really focused on the things that matter most to me, and that is being able to spend more time with my girls and be #thatmom! The one that has the time, energy, and resources to fly them to the moon and back. I have also been spending some love on myself and really diving into my blog and being a more open person. I am so excited and have a lot that I want to share.

I have been able to manage my time well and that has helped to make sure I am able to handle all aspects of life, especially blogging. I missed writing!! I feel like life has just begun.

My tia said I’m still young and that life doesn’t start until 40 so go for my dreams! That is what I am doing right now and it feels amazing. I can’t remember the last time life has been so sweet. I am truly blessed to be born again.

This Soulful Sunday, do something exciting that makes you feel brand new. Remember that there is love all around and bask in it! Going into this new week, remember each day is a new day to do something exciting, to be great!

Live in love, Loves!


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