September 4

Failure to Launch and What to do About It


We all do it. We shift our mindset, set goals, purchase the things we need for said goal, and get started. A few days, weeks, months or so go by and life happens. Something gets in the way and we fail to succeed at what we set out to do.

In the back of our minds, that inner critique laughs at us, berates us, beats us up, and plants fear, discouragement, and even the notion of totally quitting in our minds.

Have no fear! Failing to launch, make a change, or do what we set out to happens in life. It’s part of the process. The thing is you don’t want to beat yourself up for it.

Just the other day I planned on starting something and wham, someone rear ends my car so currently gym is on pause.

What to do After Failing?

It’s simple! Hit the RESET button!!

At the beginning of August, I was all set and ready to hit the ground running with my lovely list of goals, specifically fitness. Well, I got started, but then I got stopped. I moved.

What should have taken a weekend took much longer due to weather conditions, my helpers not being available, and then a mechanical failure.

So technically I am still not moved.

Needless to say, I have not forgotten about the promise I made to myself or to you, I just failed to launch.

How I Handle Failure

Here’s my process once I realize I’m not meeting my goals:

  1. Admit it – I have to be honest with myself
  2. Recognize – What caused the issue & what can I do about it
  3. (Re)Connect – Remember your why & do any needed research – get close to your goal
  4. Prepare – Have a contingency plan in place for the times when you may get sidetracked
  5. Forgive – Be loving and forgiving to yourself (We can be so mean to ourselves sometimes)
  6. RESET – Start over!

It’s totally okay! I am succeeding in other areas of life, just not the one I intended to really focus on. I know once my home is all settled in I will be in a better position to really work on these changes.

Until then, I am researching various exercises that will target my trouble areas, looking into a snazzy bike and infant seat, so I can ride through the park.

I have been going on walks with Savvi, starting my morning with meditation, yoga, and stretching. These little changes have been good for my mind and getting me active and focused.

With the start of September, I hit the RESET button and I’m feeling pretty darn good!

The most important thing is to KEEP GOING, KEEP TRYING! You CAN do it!


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