January 18

Facing Fears, Vulnerability, and Accepting All of You


Walking into a new year with a collective reading for single Mamas.

When changes and shifts happen, sometimes it doesn’t feel good. It can be a rude awakening that propels us into a new phase.

These initiations can be traumatic, monumental, or minute life-changing situations that hit us at our core.

It’s important to know that when these things happen it’s initiating something within us.

My personal mantra is ‘Life is All About Positive Forward Movement’. This phrase has carried me through so many challenges and kept me from getting stuck in the darkness and pain of life.

Watch the video for the full message about facing fears, being vulnerable and accepting all of you.

I mentioned the Healing Single Mothers Community in this video. I have since combined my work into one platform, the Abundantly Ever After Community. I still focus on single mothers because that is part of my identity, and am writing a few books based on my experiences.

Also, the Healing Single Mothers Journal has shifted into the Spiritual Love Planner. I’m currently working on creating the 2023 Planner! But don’t worry I still have amazing things in store just for single Mamas!


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