November 8

Exploring Sadness with Tarot


Every now and then, I’ve been feeling this profound sadness. I wasn’t sure where it was coming from, but when it came up again I decided to see what the cards had to say.

Since I’m participating in a study of the Herbcrafter’s Tarot, I chose this deck and paired it with the Deep Place Oracle.

The card I pulled was the Hierophant and The Mountain Top. My first impression when looking at these cards is that I’m releasing a part of me that is no longer needed because I’ve evolved.

The Hierophant card shows a beautiful, sacred cacao ceremony. There are cacao nibs on the table, along with cinnamon and a pepper. This isn’t a ritual that just anyone can do (although they have become commonplace now), these rituals are sacred and are performed by wise elders or a shaman in indigenous cultures.

Using Ceremonial Cacao that is blessed, the ritual is prepared and performed to open the heart, access wisdom, and to honor the passing.

With the question I asked, having this card come up, Spirit is telling me that the answer I seek is within. I already know.

The Mountain Top is about having a higher perspective. The figure on the card towers over a range of mountains, standing in outer space.

What I am feeling, just needs to be honored. When I do feel that profound sadness I welcome it.

Every experience has medicine for us.

I just need to allow it to come in. With a Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse happening, there are a lot of energies and emotions at play.

I share that this for me is an honoring and releasing because of so much that I’ve experienced earlier this year. I am not the same, and what is required of me now is even greater. Having grown and shifted in so many ways, there are parts of myself and my life that I am grieving as I continue to grow and expand into deeper levels of myself.

In my Card of the Day reading, the other day a Tarot friend shared that she saw love coming in, and that does resonate for me. I feel the sadness that’s coming up is a clearing away of the love that once was. I’m releasing the remaining aspects of me that longed for a past love to be true.

When I say it’s a profound sadness, it just comes like a deep wave. I receive it and allow myself to feel it, then I release it and it’s gone. Being able to acknowledge that allows me to heal rather than to resist.

I did gain so much wisdom from that relationship and definitely have a new perspective on love, life, and everything from it.


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