December 2

Exploring a Sacred Gift with the Herbcrafter’s Tarot


I was gifted with another beautiful, sacred Turtle shell this past New Moon. I know what they mean and also what it represents to me.

Finding this one was so unexpected, and I wanted to explore more why this came my way and what it meant further with Tarot.

The first time I asked the Great Mother for a Turtle shell was for a sign that I was ready to walk the path as a Shamanic Priestess. I received that gift about 2 years later in the most beautiful way.

I thanked the Great Mother and Turtle that transitioned so that I may receive it’s shell. I was also able to collect some of the bones and cleaned them. I haven’t worked with them yet since finding them, but do sit with it often.

The most recent shell that was gifted to me is smaller and was the spark I needed to fully embrace the path I’m transitioning too. To help I pulled a couple cards from The Herbcrafter’s Tarot

I called this phase of my life, The Blossoming. So much happened in 2022 that allowed me to heal, grow, and step deeper into my Abundantly Ever After. Seeing The Moon which features Datura blossoming was a sign that it’s safe to move forward along my path.

This card can represent fears, illusions, shadow work, and I’ve also had readings where this card represented soul, or deep connection. Facing the unknown is how growth happens. I’ve done this countless times, and am doing it now even if I’m not fully aware of it.

Magic is happening all around me, I just need to pay attention of the things being shown to me. The guidebook speaks of intuitive awakening. I do feel this as I’m being pulled in different directions and receiving lots of messages.

The Ace of Earth ~ Nettle confirms that there is something new emerging before me. This is the card of manifestation. I also call it the Green Light. When this Ace appears, good things are happening.

It’s time to take action on the things being revealed to me, even if I’m unsure of the outcome. I am here to share my gifts with the world and there is so much support and resources available to me, but I have to take action.

Together, I feel that I’m aligning more and more into my soul’s path and that’s why this second shell appeared. There have been some ways that I’ve been holding myself back, and I can’t do that any longer. Many of the readings I’ve done have pointed to me getting back into my work as a spiritual healer and teacher, which is what I’ve longed to do.

I Am Ready! This shell came my way to help me awaken and embrace my magic and medicine. I know that I am being guided and have so much support. I’m looking forward to all that unfolds along my path.


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