January 2

Expectations Impact Your Happiness


Stuck, unhappy, confused, or maybe you just need a push, reassurance, or joy? This might just be for you.

A lot of problems can come from our expectations. If they aren’t met our happiness factor goes down.

How Does She Do IT?

People often say “I don’t know how you do it” referring to how I handle everything that life throws at me. No one has a perfect life. No matter how rich, beautiful, or smart there is always something.

Happiness Is..

An important part of being happy is being realistic and adjusting your expectations. I used to live in a place of perfection. If things did not go as I planned or expected…it would throw me off completely.

Sometimes you just gotta let that sh!t go! Holding on to things that are negative will only hurt in the long run. Choose happiness! Choose Positive Forward Movement and watch as your world changes.

I made some changes and have been so much happier since. This is not a one time thing. It is a habit, a mindset.

Such is Life

Life is complicated enough! I find ways to make it simple and enjoyable. We cannot control everything and adapting to change is a must. Prayer or meditation works wonders!

You don’t have to wait for another year to pass before making choices that will increase your happiness! Start now.

My dream is to empower women to move forward in life and achieve their dreams.

Life is all about Positive Forward Movement, I hope you join me on this journey. We can all live a life that makes us happy and fulfills our dreams. I know because I did it, and am doing it.


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