March 14

The Evolution of My Tarot Readings


When I started reading tarot it became clear to me that my readings weren’t like anyone else’s. Divination, magic, crystals and spirituality were always part of my life in some way. I was fascinated by Tarot as a child, but there weren’t ways to really explore it back then.

I loved reading about supernatural phenomenon, ghost stories, witchy things and any thing to do with spirituality. When I came to Tarot, it intrigued me, but I also feared it. In my early twenties, while I was struggling with depression, anxiety, and PTSD I got my first deck. My entire life was falling apart and nothing was helping me.

An article online said tarot was great for personal and spiritual development along with divination, so I thought the cards could help me, and I was right! Eventually… My first deck was the Rider Waite and it was not comforting. I was afraid that I was tapping into evil and all the other horrible things I heard or seen about Tarot, but I didn’t want to give up on them.

So, I spent time researching Tarot, what it was and learning its history. I also got a different deck, the Angel Tarot and that is how I got started reading. The softer images of the angels helped me at a dark period in my life. I simply couldn’t connect to the images in the Rider Waite deck.

These cards helped me transform, heal and grow in so many ways. At a time when I found it hard to think clearly, Tarot helped me find clarity and guided me out of the confusion and darkness. My Tarot journey never included telling the future. It was more about me healing, reconnecting wtih myself and navigating throug the darkness of light. I learned so many things in the process.

I read intuitively. My cards always reflect a light on what my client needs most. Often my readings help others to heal, to transform and to align with the energy of love. I’m not a predictive reader by any means, over the course of my journey I’ve come to develop what I call, Spiritual Love Tarot. It’s about how you connect to yourself and the world around you.

My readings center on you. What you can do, and they come from a place of pure love with the highest good of all involved. I will talk more about how I read, and how I got started in future posts. But this is what wanted to come forward today.


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