January 23

Elevating Through Cosmic Sexuality

As part of my Year of Devotion, there are concepts and practices that have been calling to me. Cosmic Sexuality is one of those things.

I became a Certified Cosmic Sexuality Practitioner a few years ago. After experiencing miscarriage, it was part of my healing process. I needed to experience something more aligned with my beliefs and this was exactly the teaching I needed.

Sex goes way beyond the physical and I wanted needed to transform how I went about things. I went through a period of celibacy and tried to align my partner at the time to explore Cosmic Sexuality together.

That didn’t happen, which was very telling, and I’m grateful because I’ve been able to revisit these teachings and implement new boundaries in my relationships.

The founders and teachers of the Cosmic Sexuality program also wrote a book by the same name; Cosmic Sexuality. It’s been on my shelf for a while, and today I was drawn to reading it.

It’s an easy read, but is packed with information. Shalom Melchizedek and Victoria L. White share so much wisdom in this book. It gives a great overview of how to practice Cosmic Sexuality.

It’s definitely not as in-depth as the course but it will tell you everything you need to know about this practice. I plan on sharing this book with my future partner. My intention is to introduce him to these teachings and practices, because cosmic, Spiritual Love is what I desire on all levels.

What I love most is that this book is a great way to introduce someone to looking at sex as a spiritual act. It’s grounded in tangible wisdom that anyone can understand.

You also get the masculine and feminine perspective of sex from the authors. It was great to see a man sharing his views on sex and understanding why this practice benefits men.

This book can be read within a matter of hours and used to help guide partners through the practice of aligned sex.

I highly recommend this book!! There are others that I’ll be reading and sharing here with you as well, so stay tuned!


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