August 1

Devil in the Details Tarot Challenge


Started: Sunday, August 1, 2021

Created by @triangulum_readings

Deck: Hoodoo Tarot, Friends Edition

Week 1: Addiction

What is my addiction? Five of Sticks

When this card came up I immediately knew what this was speaking of. In this card the is a woman who I clearly separate from everyone else. She has her hands secured under her arms as they cross her heart.

I have felt like an outsider, outcast, and excluded so many times. It feels like deep judgment going on here in this card.

Who wants to be addicted to exclusion? NO ONE, certainly not me. But I also know how I can appear standoffish because of my introverted and highly sensitive nature. Being around a group of people or just the wrong people, in general, can lead me to shut down because I feel and sense everything!

However, sometimes it could just be me, my energy that causes people to give me space. I need to be aware of the energy that I am putting out and instead of staying to myself, ground my energy and take care of myself so that peopling isn’t overwhelming.

I’ve been isolated for so long and felt like an outcast in so many situations that I stay a good distance from most people and situations. Invite me somewhere, I’m probably not going to go. It’s not because I don’t want to, but because I feel like I won’t fit in or be understood.

I didn’t even realize this is a story that I was telling myself until I did this reading. This old story of not fitting in, not being wanted or included is what I’m addicted to.

Last night I did a reading with my Ancestor deck and it didn’t quite make sense, but this reading is shedding some light on that as well.

What is the root cause of my addiction? Two of Knives

This card brings up a couple things. One not feeling safe because of my intuitive gifts and shutting down so much that there’s no connection. Not being able to see things clearly and having a deep sense of fear and mistrust.

When you’re not able to trust in yourself it makes it hard to trust in someone else too. I unlearned how to use my intuition as I got older and that led me to making some not so good choices, including surrounding myself with people who genuinely didn’t care for me.

As a young adult I found my way back to my intuition and learning to trust in myself was and still is so important to make decisions that are in alignment with who I am. Being able to see intuitively and physically are equally important.

How do I break away from this addiction? Mother of Sticks

The Mother of Sticks is wise and confident. She knows what she knows and trusts in herself. She is not afraid to be true to herself and that is how I will overcome this story.

Week 2: Desire

The first thing I noticed is the heavy Stick energy showing up in this reading. This reading is all about setting myself free from the things that bind me. Expressing the truth of what’s in my heart and following it to my bliss.

What do I really want? Daughter of Sticks rx

The Daughters in this deck represent the Knights. Deep down I want to be as fierce as this Cowgirl is on her horse. This reminds me of the time when I was fascinated with country music and westerns. That hasn’t really changed, I still love them.

It takes me back to a simpler time when I was ‘wild and free’ playing not living in fear or hiding my capabilities. I feel this fire inside me is ready to flow out.

Under the horse, it looks like the shadow of a person sitting down in the corner. The complete opposite of what this card is about. I don’t want to sit this one out. I want to go all out. Go hard or home energy.

This Daughter is not afraid of her horse, she knows that part of riding may involve falling down, but that doesn’t stop her she is ready. There is so much energy being expressed here with the horse, the rider, the flock of birds, and even with what I’m seeing in the shadows.

Why do I want it? Five of Sticks

To break free from my limitations. This card came up as my ‘addiction’.

How will it help me? Ten of Sticks

To better manage my energy and stop working so hard fighting against myself. The Elder in this card is carrying all these sticks, even though she doesn’t have to. She could put some down, delegate to someone else, but she chooses to work? Why maybe because she knows she can do it. When you are used to bearing the load, it’s not as much of a burden as it is routine for you, and that still isn’t healthy.

I am ready to shift things so that I am not burdened by my daily responsibilities. And whatever tasks I choose to take on are ones that bring me joy. I’ve been experiencing a lot of this energy where I am feeling burned out and I’m ready to release that.

How will it restrain me? Seven of Knives

I don’t see this as a restraint, but it will force me to be honest with myself. As someone who likes to keep the peace, that might ruffle some feathers making it hard for me to speak my truth.

How can I get it? Mother of Sticks

The Mother of Sticks appears again. I can get the freedom that I desire by trusting in myself and following my intuition.

Final Outcome: Father of Baskets

The Father of Baskets shows up quite often as my daily cards. I think next month I’m going to start journaling my daily cards here as well. Being happy and at peace because I gave myself the permission to be true to myself.

Week 3: Abuse

How am I sabotaging myself? Mother of Knives

The Mother of Knives is one of my favorite cards. Bibliomancy was probably one of the first forms of divination I used as a child not knowing it. Not trusting my intuition as much as I should is definitely one way that I hold myself back. I can use my intuitive gifts so much more in my daily life and be confident in the messages that I receive. I know what I know, and it’s time to just trust in that wholeheartedly 100%. Also feeling like I need things to be perfect. There truly is no “perfect” how things are is what they are and that’s okay. Don’t allow the ideology of perfect to keep you from moving forward.

Why am I doing this? Five of Knives

This card makes me think of Freddy Krueger and Nightmare on Elm Street. Those movies terrified me as a kid. I think with this card there is a lot of fear and worry around what other people may say, think, or feel, but I gotta let that go because none of it even matters.

Speaking my truth would require telling stories that don’t showcase many in the best of light, including myself. I’m okay with sharing my truth. There’s nothing for me to be ashamed of, however, I struggle to find balance in exposing others. There’s also fear of being hurt, in general, and it’s just overall self-sabotage.

How is this impacting me? Two of Sticks

Not sure how to move forward. Spending a lot of time reflecting but not necessarily taking action.

How am I abusing those around me? Six of Baskets

Holding things from the past against them. Not being able to move forward.

How do I break this cycle? Black Herman

Reclaim my power and know that I have everything I need to move forward in life. I don’t have anything to worry about. I have overcome all the hurdles and obstacles placed in my path. Rely on my gifts and continue focusing on my goals and dreams.

Oracle card: Energy to Harness – Tower

I love this card! It represents Revolution and fighting using every tool and resource I have access to. Who, what, where, and how am I being disempowered? This is awesome to see following the Black Herman card. This touched on so many things that I have experienced where people have tried to manipulate energy against me.

Week 4: Bondage

For this I chose to pull a card to represent the devil energy and placed the remaining cards around it to complete this reading.

This reading shows a lot of the healing work that I’ve done over the past couple of years. There’s nothing that can stop me outside myself. I was really grateful to see the progression of this reading.

The Devil: Three of Sticks

This card is always one that represents visioning, future plans, and executing the vision. I don’t see this as a negative energy. This is something that I am passionate about. The things that I want to achieve in life. I have a big vision and I feel this is what I truly need to be focused on. The Devil energy can represent obsession and is often seen as a negative energy, but with this I’m getting that this is a deep, soul level commitment to my dreams. It’s a vision that was laid out long before I drew my first breath in this lifetime and is the North Star guiding my path.

North – Earth – Physical Block: Mother of Knives

Mother of Knives as the physical block is about thinking and knowing, but not necesarrly taking action. This one was a LOUD call out. There’s no point in divining, seeing, or knowing if you aren’t goign to take action on the inforamation. Being paralyzed in fear or anxiety is something that can block progress.

Since beginning this challenge, A LOT has changed in my life. I no longer am weighed down with anxiety or fear. I see divination as something I do to gain clarity and ensure my actions are aligned. I’m not paralyzed with fear anymore and know how to communicate my vision and take steps towards manifesting my desires.

West – Water – Emotional Block: Six of Coins rx

This card represents luck and I have and continue to do work around my worth and trusting that I can manifest the things I desire. I’ve released so much this year that has shifted my perspective and cleared much negative energy out of my life.

With the Six of Coins being reversed I feel that I need to continue cultivating this energy with in and give to myself that which I was over giving to others. This isn’t about being selfish, but putting my needs first. I refuse to give without receiving in return.

East – Air – Mental Block: IX Dr. Grant

This card reperesents the energy of the Hermit. Going within and being in solitude. After having experienced so much trauma and unhealthy relationships, I pulled back alot. I detoxed from social media. I closed my business down and went within. During this time I did so much healing, I found clarity on my pathway forward and freeded myself. I have evolved and feel like an entirely new person.

However, in this season of my life I am recognizing that I NEED PEOPLE. It’s time to get out of Hermit mode so that I can call in my soul family and soul clients.

South – Fire – Creative Block: Six of Baskets

I was always very creative, but my creativity was stifled after a series of unfortunate events. Losing my art studio, abuse, and being burned out by giving my energy to the wrong people. I experienced two profound losses that really took me out, which was a major reason why I stepped away and into solitude. I needed that time to heal and refocus.

I cannot continue to hold on to those old stories. There are only blocks to my creativity if I allow the past energy to continue lingering.

Happily I can report that I am writing, dancing, and even perusing art supplies again because I AM creative and creative energy flows through me.

Week 5: Reclaiming Power

This was such an interesting reading. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I feel that it aligns with the Week 4 reading very well.

What power am I losing? Son of Knives and Pa

The Son of Knives in this card is ready to fight and looks a bit lost outside the church. In the traditional Tarot this card represents taking actions on your ideas, moving forward and someone who’s quick on their feet, and ready for whatever. With the energy of Pa, I feel like the power that was lost is the will to fight.

I have given so much and tried so many different things in life, love and my business it all got to be too much. I realized I was so far off my path with the light of the full moon illuminating things for me and spirit bringing me in for a heart to heart.

It was time to stop putting my energy into the wrong things. Like the Son of Knives, I wasn’t where I needed to be or doing the things that I truly needed to be doing.

My path to reclaiming my power? Father Simms and Two of Sticks

Finding balance within and choosing the path that is aligned with my purpose and what my heart truly desires. My spiritual practices always get me right and help me to see what is right and true. In all that I had going on, I wasn’t always maintaining my rituals or adhering to my own truth or teachings. I need to follow the path that’s made for me, that’s the only way to reclaim my power.

My secret weapon? Four of Baskets

Knowing what I’ve experienced and being grateful for all the lessons helps me to stay focused on what I do want. I’ve learned from the past and have no need to revisit those lessons.

Why or how I lost this power? Ace of Knives and Nine of Coins

To gain a new perspective and the wisdom that I needed in order to live Abundantly Ever After. Everything happens for a reason and I believe if I had kept on that path fighting for something that wasn’t aligned for me, it would have cost me dearly. Everything I went through opened my eyes to a point where I clearly saw the truth for what it was. There was no way I could continue on and not come back home to myself. I am so grateful for being shown the light.

How to regain this power? Two of Baskets

Deep self love! Being open to love and new connections. Communityi has been a recurring message for me to connect with aligned souls.

What or who needs to be dispensed? Ace of Baskets

Love! Love heals all and can restore even the deepest of wounds to a status of healing.


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