November 21

Deeper Message Spread


I was inspired to create this spread to explore a card that has been coming up in my readings quite a bit! These are known as ‘stalker cards’. I believe they have a deeper message or one that I’ve missed in some way.

Use this spread to explore why a card continues to show up for you. I take the card out of my deck and use it as a significator for the reading.

  1. Why is this card showing up so often for me?
  2. What is the root of this cards message for me?
  3. What is the deeper message held with in this card that I might be overlooking?
  4. How can I integrate the wisdom and medicine this card holds for me?
  5. What action is this card calling for me to take?
  6. How can I embody the energy of this card in a way that’s aligned for me?

Give the Deeper Message Spread a try to discover what your stalker card is telling you!


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