November 21

Deeper Message Reading for the Curandera of Fire


Since beginning to work with the Herbcrafter’s Tarot, the Curandera of Fire has come up quite often. This card evoked something deep within me and after pulling it as my Card of the Day, I decided it was time to explore it more.

So I created the Deeper Message Spread:

  1. Why is this card showing up so often for me?
  2. What is the root of this cards message for me?
  3. What is the deeper message held with in this card that I might be overlooking?
  4. How can I integrate the wisdom and medicine this card holds for me?
  5. What action is this card calling for me to take?
  6. How can I embody the energy of this card in a way that’s aligned for me?

To do this spread, I used the Curandera of Fire as the significator. This is a card that represents who or what the reading is about. So if the reading was about me, I could choose a Court Card that represents who I am or I could choose a card that embodies the energy of the situation I’m reading about.

Explore the Deeper Meaning Spread created by Jovhannah Tisdale, The Spiritual Love Healer

There are lots of ways to use signifcator cards. I don’t do it often, but when I do it seems to anchor the reading.

Here are the cards that I pulled. There is such an energy with this reading. And beautiful cards appeared with powerful messages.

Looking at the cards I can see so much support and beauty here. There are 2 Tens – 4 if I count the 20 what a beautiful combination there.

Also, I’m seeing a lot of 3 energy, which is one of my numbers. In the first row, there is something that feels like ancestral protection and I see a fire being lit under and above me while being surrounded with love and growth.

Why is this card showing up so often for me?

Ten of air ~ Alfalfa

In a traditional deck this is the Ten of Swords a card that represents the end of hard times, challenges, and mental conflicts. This is the card that says there’s only up from here. Looking at this card, the message I received is: stop worrying and let it go. I have been through A LOT in just this year alone. Much of it was wonderful, but the parts that were not, took me through some very painful experiences.

The Curandera of Fire is showing up to let me know that those times are over.

When I think of the suit of Swords/Air it connects to the mind. As a heavy air sign, I can think A LOT. Which can be great for creative ideas, not so much for fixating on the past.

Looking at the scythe pictured here, it’s coming through to clear things out. From the harvest you take what is needed and discard the rest or use the rest to prepare for a new harvest.

In the Herbcrafter’s deck this card relates to composting, replenishing, and rebirth, which correlates to what I received from the card. The plants chosen for the Tens in this deck are ones that provide coverage and are considered healers. This is such a nourishing take on the Ten of Swords a card that often features a person laying on the ground bleeding with 10 swords in their back.

The message in this card is to rest. With the Curandera of Fire, there is a call to nourish and nuture myself. 2022, the year of The Lovers, truly taught me to give myself the energy, love, time, and devotion I so freely give to others. As a child i LOVED alfalfa sprouts. I would eat them as often as I could.

From the guidebook I learned they are one of the oldest healing foods! The guidebook says:

You have the wisdom of the ancients within you. Sift through your knowledge and let go of the pieces that do not resonate.

There is no need to doubt my own inner wisdom. I can embody the wise Curandera of Fire now by applying and sharing what I’ve learned and experienced. Tap into that wise part of me who claims all of her. Release the doubt, clear out any thoughts or limiting beliefs keeping me from seeing my own inner flame.

This was a call for me to remember that I too am a Wise One.

What is the root of this cards message for me?

Awakening ~ Tulsi

I will say that moving through each of the cards in this spread is taking some time for me. There is so much here for me to explore.

Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil, is an indigenous medicinal plant. This card shows a dish full of Tulsi along with mala beads and a candle burning.

When I see this card I hear DEVOTION. There is something very holy, sacred, patient, and wise about this card.

The Awakening is called Judgment in a traditional deck. This card used to trip me up every single time. It represents rebirth, a soul calling, and judgment.

There is a witnessing within this card. It’s like bearing your soul and coming to a place of deeper knowledge or knowing, leading to an awakening.

After everything that I have experienced this year in a past relationship, in closing my business, putting myself through school and just living I definitely have come to a deep awareness about myself and life that I cannot ignore.

I unlearned a lot and became so much, including an Energy Coach and Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist. There is no going back to not knowing. Looking back at my past, I have overcome a lot and learned even more.

Throughout this process I have been forgiving myself and others, truly making peace with who I was to become who I am to be. I know that every experience and challenge was for me to grow and also to help others.

There is a theme of being devoted to rituals in this card that I also see in the Curandera of Fire that cannot be ignored. I’m being directed to go deeper with my practices, beliefs, and all that I desire to live my spiritual life, and remove anything that would prevent that.

DEVOTION – I truly believe this will be my word for 2023.

What is the deeper message held with in this card that I might be overlooking?

Ten of Earth ~ horsetail

The card of manifestation and security! The Ten of Earth (Pentacles) is a card of plenty. The image is full of Horsetail and also lots of trees in the background. There is always more than enough. I also heard nature, The Great Mother provides.

The guidebook speaks of Horsetail being related to another species of plant that is over 400 million years old! WOW!! That is fascinating!

The trees in the background give an ancestral feel to this card and a protective energy. The card says “you are safe and secure“. I feel that so so deeply! The Curandera of Fire didn’t get to be an elder without divine guidance and protection.

There are times when I worry so much, but with this card I see that I am surrounded by protection and have everything that I need. This card is about using what I have gathered and tapping into my ancestral roots.

The message I get is that I am not alone. Gather resources, wisdom, strength and whatever else I need from my roots or directly from the Great Mother. I can rest in the safety and security around me. I am on the path to creating even more abundance.

How can I integrate the wisdom and medicine this card holds for me?

The World ~ Pachamama + Seven of Earth ~ Oak

Plant the seeds and nurture them. Read, journal, and connect with nature. Seeds have already been planted, and you’re seeing the results of your efforts. Be patient and continue to do what is needed.

Know that you are already whole and complete and have everything that you need. Honor the Great Mother and flow with the natural cycles and rhythms around you.

You have the same divine power within you. Trust in yourself and your vision, know that when you encounter challenges you will see them and handle them differently. See yourself as the you that you are now, not through the lens of who you once were.

Like the butterfly you have transformed. Don’t worry about the time that it took to get here. Nature moves at its own pace and everything happens as it should. Continue to devote yourself to the Great Mother.

What action is this card calling for me to take?

Six of Earth ~ Pine

Where I live Pine trees are endless. I walk among them in the morning. The fire on this card draws me in. It seems like the hands of the Curandera of Fire created this bonfire as part of a sacred ritual.

The Six of Earth is about balance and reciprocity. It’s about community and connection. Sharing what you know and have, while also receiving from others that also share.

There are a couple messages here for me. First, to connect with my tribe and find community. The other is to do the work that I’m here to do and share my medicine and magic with others.

The Curandera of Fire is a wise one, not because she is wise but because she teaches others and is gracious with her resources. The question on my mind is what ways can I give to others…

How can I embody the energy of this card in a way that’s aligned for me?

The Empress ~ Rose


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