December 11

Deep Place Oracle Deck Review


Woohoo! Deck delivery day is the best.

I had a lot of fun finding new and interesting decks on Kickstarter this year. I decided to press pause on any new decks in 2022; however, I am super pleased with this deck.

The Deep Place Oracle is gorgeous and I love how fluid the cards are. As I was going through the deck the cards spoke to me so clearly.

Watch the walkthrough and review of the Deep Place Oracle:

With the arrival of this deck and the AlcheMystical Tarot the number of decks in my collection(that I have been able to log) is right at 300.

Most of my collection is in storage at the moment and there are some that I wasn’t able to document.

I’m really looking forward to having all my cards in one place soon. I plan on doing a livestream of me unpacking them and just having some random convo on my YouTube Channel.


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