November 17

Deck Wishlist


For the past couple of years I have been on a hiatus from purchasing decks. However, there are some that I have been feeling called towards and others that I’d like to explore.

So I decided to keep track of them here to help me monitor my purchases. I found myself checking out some of the sales going on and didn’t want to go on a spending spree for decks.

To quench my desire for newness, I decided to break in the Sefirot Tarot, and it didn’t disappoint!

Calling To Me

  • Love Oracle of Eden
  • The Story Medicine Tarot versions 1-4, yep all of them – these came into my awareness from Queen Aset Heru on YouTube and I was immediately drawn into the gorgeous artwork. I headed over to the creators site and my deck wishlist was born.
  • Love on the Record Oracle – This one I’ve desired for quite some time. When I initially purchased from Kaleidodope, this deck was out of stock.


  • Streets are Talking 1 & 2
  • Sufi Tarot – this is one of the latest decks published by Hay House. When I saw it I wanted it, but couldn’t justify the purchase. I watched a review of it on IG and it was an immediate yes, but it’s not calling to me as deeply as The Story Medicine cards. Since it’s a mass produced deck, I placed it here. I’m familar with Sufism. It was one of the many religions I studied on my quest to find myself.

Nice to Have

  • Santa Muerte Oracle
  • Tarot of the Opposites
  • Vice Versa Tarot


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