March 25

Daily Intention: Rest


This morning I decided I wanted to write more about the Daily Intention Spread.

I have a notebook that I write in, but I find that when I type my readings out, more information flows. I’ve always loved writing, but this blog really seems to help information flow through from my readings. I’m grateful I was guided to start this online journal too.

I pulled my Card of the Day, and use the Daily Intention Spread to dive deeper into the meaning and message of my card.

Card of the Day

Today’s Card is the Four of Swords, from the Naked Heart Tarot deck. I immediately knew this was a call for me to rest, and relax my mind.

This week has been super busy, and I’ve been working more. So instead of trying to power through the day to work on other things, I need to shut down and be intentional about relaxing and releasing.

One way I do this is by ordering takeout dinner. Taking that off my to-do list is a big help for me, especially as a single Mom.

Daily Intention Spread

This spread was created by Biddy Tarot and is one of my favorites!
  1. What do I need to know today?
  2. What do I need to do today?
  3. What do I need to release today?

I can be used on it’s own, but I love using it to explore my Card of the Day more in depth.

What do I need to know today? Two of Hearts

A theme that has been coming up in my readings is to follow my North Star. The Two of Hearts is reminding me that I need to have balance in my life, and not to spend the day working away.

Even though I love my work, and I’m passionate about helping single Moms heal, I need to have some serious balance with my home life.

What do I need to do today? Eight of Swords

This card and I have become such good friends. It stalked me for quite some time last year. This is a call NOT to limit myself. Also not to be so guarded and worried, closed off.

What do I need to release today? Six of Cups

My inner child! I need to play and have fun.

Today my intention is tio enjoy the work day, stay focused but also take lots of breaks through the day so that I can enjoy time with my daughter outside. It’s going to be a really nice day today and fun in the sun always does good for the mind, body, and soul.

So far my day is off to a good start.


I made space for play. I knew that today was going to be busy. I had a big project to wrap up and I did. I took lots of breaks through the day so that I wasn’t draining my energy. Savvi slept in a bit later so I made sure to maximize the extra quite time in the morning.

We went out for lunch and played with the puppy by the River. We also attempted to play chess. Savvi didn’t quite understand that each piece has a different purpose and rules around them moving, but it’s neat to see she’s interested. I had a few friends that taught me about Chess. My dad also played a lot. I’m no expert but am happy to keep playing with Savvi, so we can both learn.

When I finished, I shut down. I also decided not to take on any new projects and to use what I have, and stay focused on the goals and plans that I have in place. I love to create and get these amazing ideas, but it’s not imperitive that I have to do them all now.

Another way I will be adding fun into my life is to pick skating up again. I lived on wheels as a child and will be starting that again.


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