December 12

Creating a Community for Healing and Transformation

I’ve always been big on community and having a sacred space for support and connection. Over the past few years I’ve had a few groups on FB that I ran, but it never felt right.

Not gonna lie, it’s not easy or fun to have a community in a space that feels like a lot. FB can be overwhelming to me and it wasn’t mine. I didn’t like that people couldn’t see my posts and I wouldn’t always get notifications. Plus I really wanted to have a space that was MINE and couldn’t be taken away.

There were so many different platforms that I tested and tried out. I found one that was perfect, but then it wasn’t. I was so disappointed, then I came across another option and gave it a try.

After testing it, I decided to invest in the platform and create the Spiritual Love Community, a free space that you can join for connection, conversation, and education.

On Facebook, I had a few groups. My original group the Spiritual Love Circle, a group for single Moms – Healing Single Mothers, and my newest Abundantly Ever After.

That’s a lot! Especially when FB overwhelms me already. Instead of hosting 3 different groups, I combined them into one amazing community, the Spiritual Love Community. I’m so excited, proud, and relived to be streamlining things.

I have the structure for the Community all set up and look forward to welcoming new members in.


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