October 23

Cord Cutting Ritual


Cords are energetic attachments that we develop to other people, places, things, events, or situations. Cords can be beneficial or they can be harmful.

As a Mom, I have a cord connecting me to my children. Typically these are beneficial cords with loving energy flowing each way. If you have a partner you have a cord connected to them. If the relationship is one-sided then that relationship may be draining you, rather than sustaining you.

Cord Cutting doesn’t always have to be something negative. Maybe you have a friend who is going through something and you are really feeling their energy and it’s taking a toll on you. You can cut cords from this person. However, I wouldn’t recommend going through these steps for something like that.

You can develop cords to past situations, events, and places. A tie is the term commonly used to describe unhealthy connections, but they are all the same. I created this ritual to sever ties, or cords to a situation that wasn’t serving me.

This doesn’t go into detail about cords or energetic connections but focuses on a ritual that you can use to release them. Energy healing techniques can be used for cord removal as well. I find using intuitive cord removal and doing a ritual to be a great practice.


  • 2 candles
  • Cord or string
  • Essential Oils
  • Florida Water
  • Toothpick
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Bible

Getting Started with the Cord Cutting Ritual

You can use any color candles for this. I chose black because it represents banishing and protection.

Before getting started I cleansed myself by smudging, with prayer, and anointing myself with oils. Then I cleansed all my tools and workspace using Florida Water. If you don’t have this you can use water with essential oils. I would add a drop or two of Tea Tree, Lavender, and Lemongrass. Then speak my intentions over the water and proceed to cleanse my tools.

Since this ritual is to sever connections, I made sure the two candles did not touch once I started. Throughout the entire process, I kept my intention in my mind as I worked.

Preparing the Candles

One candle was designated to represent me, and the other was designated to represent the other person or what I want to release my connection to. I inscribed my initials on the bottom of my candle. For the second one, you can use that person’s initials or the date if there is a particular event.

To write on the candles you can use a toothpick, a pencil, or whatever works for you. Be sure you cleanse that tool as well. I have a nice pen I loved that ran out of ink. I consecrated this pen to be used for the purpose of scripting on candles and cleanse it before and after use.

I anointed each candle with Lemongrass which is a great oil for clearing and releasing. Working with one candle at a time I wrote on each what I wanted to release.

On my candle, I wrote the feelings I wanted to release.

On the other candle, I wrote what I was reclaiming from that person or situation.

Once I felt complete, I selected passages from the Bible that aligned with my intention. I also wrote out my own script of what I wanted to say.

Lighting the Candles

After placing each candle in its holder (you don’t have to use holders – I did so for safety purposes, to keep the candles steady). I took the string and set my intention for it to represent the cord tying me to the person/situation. I then tied the candles together with the cord. I lit the candles, again stating my intention.

I lit their candle first and had it on the left side which represents the past. As I lit the candle I stated my intention and what I wanted, then did the same for my candle. I recited my intentions while focusing on the flames and read the passages I selected.

Then I wrote a letter getting out any and everything I needed to say. Once the letter was finished I folded it away from me and placed it in the middle of the candles.

While the Candles are Burning

I watched the candles and they burned speaking my thoughts, feelings, and intentions, once the cord began to burn, I allowed the letter to burn. And with it I mentally, emotionally, physically, and energetically released any and all connections to the person/situation.

When you do a cord cutting, you may think about that person or still have feelings come up. If that happens, I visualize myself burning it in flames.

For instance, if you cut cords with Tommy and then you start thinking about him when you catch yourself visualize that thought being consumed by flames.

For me, this helps to solidify that I will not accept that connection in my life on any level and it’s a reminder of the intentions and work that I’ve done to free myself.

Other Things to Consider

You may need to do this ritual more than once. If you still feel a strong connection or emotional charge, continue working this ritual as many times as you need until you feel it’s complete.

Know that thinking about someone from your past is also normal and not a sign that the ritual didn’t work.

You can also add herbs, oils, or other elements that feel right and aligned for you.

Once the ritual is complete you can see yourself being shielded from that person or their energy reattaching to you. When doing work like this be clear on your intentions, do not release the cord with negative intentions or energy.

When I did this releasing ritual, though I wasn’t happy with the person I released them with love. I believe that releasing a cord with negative energy/intentions only feeds it, especially if the connection was toxic to begin with.

Energetic Healing Support

If you need help in releasing a past relationship or situation, a Heart Activation Healing session is a beautiful way to support yourself. I offer these energy healing sessions to bring in the loving and healing presence of the Angels to help you release pain, worry, and stress to embrace love, healing, and forgiveness.

At the start of your session, you can set an intention to help clear out stuck and stagnant energy in your heart, mind, and emotions that happen as a result of heavy emotions, negative energy, trauma, stressful situations, or relationships.


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