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The Spiritual Love Community is a sacred space to connect with others, and to receive guidance and support on your journey to living Abundantly Ever After.

Inside you'll find a forum to discuss various topics, exclusive content, journal prompts, events, and more!!

This space is for you if you are ready to release the past and start manifesting the life and love you desire and deserve!

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Sat. 17th December | 12 PM [EST] 


Jovhannah Tisdale

The Spiritual Love Healer

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Your Personal Invitation

Welcome! I'm so glad you found me here! I have created a sacred space for you to connect with me and start living your own Abundantly Ever After. 

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What You'll Receive as a Member

Spiritual Love Library

Inside are resources to help you along your path to healing and living Abundantly Ever After. You'll find affirmations, journals, ebooks, worksheets, journaling prompts, activities, exclusive content, and more inside the library!

Sacred Healing Circles

Attend exclusive Healing & Manifesting Circles or watch the recording. We may discuss a topic such as dating. I also pull cards, lead meditations, do tappings and healing sessions. These Circles are a great way to connect and be supported.

Exclusive Community Events

The most amazing thing about the Community is that I host private events and share content with you that isn't found anywhere else. This is my home and I'm inviting you inside. You get access to me and have the ability to ask questions and influence what happens in the Community. Plus it's free to join!

Community Discussions

Let's talk about it all! From love, healing, spirituality, life and everything in between! There are a number of threads and areas for you to chat, share, and even ask questions. You can #AskJovhannah to receive guidance around challenges you may be dealing with in love and life. This is a safe space for you to be seen and supported.

Additional Community Bonuses


monthly readings

Exclusive readings just for community members. I will do a reading each month to help you focus and prepare for what's ahead. You get to vote on the focus: love, money, or personal growth.


group journeys

We're doing things to change lives in the Abundantly Ever After community. Participate in these challenges that focus on a specific topic, like goal setting. This is a great way to get coaching for free!


open office hours

I'm taking #AskJovhannah to another level and hosting a live Q&A session for just for Community members. You can ask me anything (within reason) and get my honest feedback.


bonus masterclasses

Inside the Community I'm adding some bonus masterclasses that I've taught in the past. You'll also get invited to new masterclasses that I host, exclusive discounts, and more!