September 2

Collective Reading: Releasing Self Doubt


Do you struggle with self doubt?

You can doubt yourself when you aren’t able to see your own greatness. Being in connection and community with others who are able to see you and reflect your majestic qualities back to you is so important.

There was a time when I lived in doubt, and it was largely due to being surrounded by people who talked down to me, doubted me, or filled me with fear.

I’ve learned that being confident and believing fully in myself is vital to creating the life I desire and having the loving relationships I deserve.

Think about where you are experiencing doubt. Ask yourself why is it there and where that doubt comes from. The answers you get may surprise you.

Do you have doubts about the dreams you have for yourself? If so, why? What new beliefs can you choose in relation to your dream?

Breathing Exercise

Take a moment to connect with your breath, and breathe in confidence.

What does that feel like to you? How would you act if you felt confident?

Really embody that energy. As you breathe out, release any doubts that you may have.

This is a practice that I do before doing something where fear or self doubt may arise. It’s such a simple, but effective way to stand in your power. 

I created a Tarot spread to explore self doubt, and decided to share a reading for the collective. Check it out below:


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