​​​​Spiritual Love Coaching

Wake Up from Your Worst Nightmare

You are worrying yourself sick. Your heart and mind are filled with fear and it’s hard for you to see the love and positivity that surrounds you. Maybe you’re afraid to take that leap. To walk away from the life that you’ve known, to let go of the girl that you used to be so you can step into the Woman that you are destined to be.

Life can be all that you’ve dreamed of and more. I know because for years I struggled with my own personal hell. I was like the living dead until I found my way again. The support, healing, and guidance I provide through Spiritual Love Coaching, are the same things that supported me on my own journey from being broken, lost, hurting and confused to being the woman that I am today. I was able to rebirth myself, reconnect with myself and unlock that magic of Love, emerging as The Spiritual Love Healer.

If you want to enjoy the fullness of life, the life that was truly meant for you, I’m here to support you in making that happen. Give  yourself permission to heal, to love, and to live.

Part of this journey to healing means loving who you are..all of you the good, the bad, and the ugly.

You have permission to be yourself, to let it all out in a safe space, free of judgment. Together we will work to help you reconnect with your true self and restore your sense of worth, purpose, and love.

With me you’ll learn self-acceptance, release what doesn’t serve you, reclaim your inner power, grow into the next best version of yourself, and embrace yourself while reclaiming parts of you that you thought were lost.

Life happens and sometimes that can leave you feeling damaged or robbed of your goodness. That is so far from the truth. If you are ready to discover who you would be without all the drama and pain of yesterday, it’s time for us to connect, Heart to Heart. This free call will help you explore how Spiritual Love Coaching can help you get to the heart of what is holding you back in love and life.

Your Spiritual Love Guru, I’m More than a Life Coach

Jovhanna Tisdale The Spiritual Love HealerPeace and Blessings!!

I’m Jovhanna K. Tisdale, the owner of Positive Forward Movement, LLC but you know me as The Spiritual Love Healer.

I am an Energy Healing Practitioner, Intuitive Tarot Card Reader, Master EFT Practitioner, and Master Life Coach. I have access to a wide range of tools and techniques to help you in love and life.

Whether you need support dealing with relationship issues, career or work, family, self-love, relationships, confidence or assertiveness, I’m here for you.

As a lifelong learner, I am always taking additional training to add things to my medicine chest. What I’ve learned as a coach is that we can’t separate life.

When working with my clients if they have issues in one area, that trickles over into another. I take a holistic approach to helping you overcome challenges, release the past, accept yourself, and create the life you desire to live.

My mission is to Illuminate, Nurture, and Inspire Spiritual Love in the Hearts and Minds of Women Worldwide.

Women are the pillars of society and when you are hurting, that impacts your children, relationships, and the community. When you are happy, healthy, healed, whole, and complete we can pour that loving energy back into ourselves, our children, our families, our men, and our community. We can rebuild our families and communities, healing the world around us.

Spiritual Love isn’t just about romance, it’s about helping you see that love is a beautiful, spiritual energy that exists within and around you. It’s getting you out of struggle love, love limbo, heartbreak hotel and really embracing love in your life and relationships.

Life Coaching, Spiritual Healing and Guidance

When you choose a Spiritual Love Coaching package, not only do you get private, nonjudgmental support from me. But you also have access to my skills as a healer and intuitive channel.

My Clients Love Me

“What we covered, plus just your interest in me was a huge factor in me moving forward. I really appreciate the guidance and insight you shared with me and that helped me to believe in myself again and make the steps in the right direction.”

Charmaine D.

Hello Jovhanna. I just had to take a few moments and let you know how much you have helped me. You have such a gift with your card readings. Your insights are amazing, and I love the way you help me not only gain insight about myself or a particular situation, but you help me create a plan of action to take so I can make positive changes in my life. Thank you, thank you!

Angela Andrews, The Organized Alchemist

You have an amazing gift! You guided me to trust my heart again! You are so empowering in a nurturing way. It’s just what I needed.

Jess L.

You are such a good person, making me feel like I have the greatest friend!! You’re such a great person, coach, listener and all that!!

Cassie N.

This is the Sign You’ve Been Waiting For

What would life be like if you could let go of the past? If you could heal from that toxic relationship? If you loved yourself and the life that you were living? If you could release the idea that you are damaged and unlovable? If you could overcome the ‘mistakes’ of your past? If you could attract love? If you could start dating?

I know what life is like when you are living in the shadow of the past. Filled with pain, guilt, regret, drama, embarrassment, shame, and feeling lost and confused. I know what it’s like to live life feeling wounded. Feeling damaged, scarred, and unworthy of love.

I know what it’s like to be disconnected from yourself and not see how valuable and precious you truly are.

What all of that pain of my past has taught me is that your past doesn’t dictate your future, unless you let it.

I can guide you from pain to love. It’s time to release those bottled up feelings, stop being afraid of being loved, and manifest the love you desire.

Spiritual Love Coaching gets you results like…

  • Learn to be assertive and express yourself, using the power of your voice and heart
  • Make peace with the past situations and relationships that once robbed you of your power
  • Confidence to stand your ground and go for what you want
  • Breakaway from the fears and limiting beliefs that held you back from the life and love you desire
  • Release the hurt and pain from the past and be open to new, positive experiences
  • Let go of any limitations and ideas of what your relationships or love life should be like based off of what other people think
  • Reassurance that you are who you are and it’s okay
  • Attract and manifest the vision love that you hold in your heart
  • Overcome self-worth issues and know that you are worthy of being loved and cherished
  • Learn to love and trust in yourself

So you can show up fully from a place of inner peace, wholeness, and love

  • You will have happy and harmonious relationships
  • You will be able to handle relationship challenges better
  • You will be more confident in who you are.
  • You will stress less and sleep better.
  • You will be comfortable in your own skin
  • You will have a profound sense of self worth and inner peace.
  • You will enjoy your love life more.
  • You will have a new outlook on love, life, and yourself.
  • You will shift the patterns in your life that once held you back.
  • You will manifest the relationship that you desire

You will have the confidence that comes from knowing what you’ve been through and overcome, using those lessons to to cultivate and maintain happy, healthy relationships.

And I know what a difference that makes, because I have done it. I went through the darkness and I can guide you through it so that you can thrive in your relationships.

Coaching with Heart

I have amazing opportunities for you to work with me exclusively, giving you the support, guidance, and healing you need to support you in your journey to healing and love.

My work focuses on love, healing, relationship goals, personal growth, and can be customized to suit your needs. There’s no area that Spiritual Love can’t touch.

If you aren’t sure what is right for you, complete the form below, and I will contact you to book a free Spiritual Love Connection Call. This is a 30 minute consultation to determine how I can best support you. 

Love is fluid and we are multifaceted beings. I chose to approach coaching from a holistic and spiritual perspective to give you the best support and guidance to help you heal, overcome challenges, and manifest the love you desire and deserve.

Spiritual Love Coaching comes in a variety of options to fit your needs

Available Coaching Packages

  • Spiritual Love Session – 1 session
  • Spiritual Love Reset – 1 month
  • Spiritual Love Refresh – 6 weeks
  • Spiritual Love Embrace – 3 months
  • Spiritual Love Detox – 6 months
  • Spiritual Love Rehab – 9 months
  • Spiritual Life Support – 12 month

Pricing for Spiritual Love Coaching starts at $197. Complete the form below to get started on your path to healing and wholeness.