October 6

Choosing Me!


I’m single because I chose me.

Choosing me at one time in my life meant I would lose a lot.

The next time I chose me, would mean I would be raising a child on my own.

Choosing me took away motherhood and then made me a mother.

I am single because I chose me over abuse. I chose me over lies. I chose me over death.

I am single because I value my life, my health, and my well being.

I am single because my girls need a mom who is happy, healthy, healed, whole and complete.

I am single because I want the best for my girls. I am single because I want my girls to see real love.

And for that I am NOT ashamed.

I am a single woman, and single mother.

I am single because I love myself more than a man who chooses not to do right.

I choose my peace of mind, my success, my wealth, and my future.

I’m single because I chose me and I’m glad I did!

It’s easy to judge a woman because she has children and isn’t married. What people fail to realize is that being a single mother doesn’t automatically mean a woman is ratchet, sleeps around, is stupid, or is to blame for her life circumstances.

Some women are single mothers due to death, abandonment, leaving an abusive situation, divorce, or by choice. Let’s not forget there are many singles adopting.

Stop shaming women who are raising their children and living their life the best way they know how.


Self Love, Single Life, Values

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