July 28

Change Like the Wind


Change comes when you love yourself.

You grow tired of things being the same. You start to wonder if there’s more to life. Then you awaken to the fact that you can absolutely have more and better.

You want better and you deserve better. Something has to change. That desire for change has to come from within you.

At the root of change is love, you want more for yourself and your future.


Do you love yourself enough to change?

Changing is a challenge for a lot of people. It doesn’t always come easy!

I remember when I was forced into a change by a situation at my job that really hurt me. It showed me that I wasn’t valued. The situation was bad, but it positioned me get clear on what I truly desired for my life.

Instead of letting it keep me down, I used it as fuel. Driving towards my goals. And guess what?! I won and and succeeded at my goals.

That pain and negativity I experienced pushed me to shift my outlook on my business and the goals I had surrounding that.

I loved myself enough to realize that I deserved more. I definitetly deserved better treatment. I knew that my skills could be used in a powerful way by focusing on helping others, and that’s what I did.

When the call for change comes, at first it may be subtle, then it gets louder. Until you can’t ignore it. Sometimes it comes with full force. You have to take heed and listen to the signs.

This was also a reminder to listen to the wind before the storm comes.


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