November 11

Change Comes from Loving Yourself


Change comes when you love yourself.

You grow tired of things being the same.

You start to realize that there is more to life.

You want better and you deserve better.

Something has to change. That want, that desire comes from you.

At the root of change is love, you want more for yourself and your future.

Do you love yourself enough to change?

Changing is a challenge for a lot of people. It doesn’t always come easy!

Recently, I was forced into a change by a situation at my job that really hurt me and showed me that I wasn’t valued. The situation was bad, but it positioned me to win and succeed at my goals.

That pain and negativity pushed me to shift my outlook on by business and the goals I had surrounding that.

I loved myself enough to realize that I deserve more and better treatment. That the skill set I have can be used in a powerful way by focusing on helping others.

When it comes, at first it may be subtle, then it gets louder and sometimes it comes with full force.

This was also a reminder to listen to the wind before the storm comes.


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