June 27

Business Focus Reading: It’s Go Time

I had a weekly practice that helped me prepare for the week, plan out my rituals, and connect in with my business. I haven’t done this ritual in months. It might even have been last year that I’ve truly done this practice.

I’m feeling super grateful today because I was called to get back to it. I think part of the reason is that I have more clarity, space, and flow when it comes to my business. For a while, I was feeling really torn. I had two ideas that were equally important to me.

Healing Single Mothers and the Spiritual Love Sanctuary. I thought that Healing Single Mothers would be my business, but that didn’t feel right. I wanted to support single Moms, but in a way that was affordable and accessible. So, I created the Healing Single Mothers Community and am in the process of working on creating a show/podcast too.

** since writing this post, things have shifted and evolved. Healing Single Mothers will eventually become a non-profit organization and I’m currently working on some books specifically for single Mothers. The show episodes I recorded are still available and I don’t plan on taking them down; however, I have absorbed the show as part of the Abundantly Ever After Show for now. Who knows? Maybe I will have two shows.

Spiritual Love Sanctuary is MY WORK. It’s so important to me that both of these exist and I finally found clarity and a way to bring them both to life that feels in alignment with my purpose, passion, and who I am. I think that is why I am ready to dive into my business rituals again.

I used the Sacred Creators Oracle deck, by Chris-Anne (@pixiecurio) and adapted the 3×3 Focus Forecast Spread that Chris-Anne created.

  1. Business focus for the next 3 days
  2. Business focus for the next 3 months
  3. Business focus for the next 6 months – This was where I modified the spread. Instead of focusing on 3 years, I chose 6 months.

Here’s the spread that I pulled and shared on Instagram:

Business Focus for the next 3 days

You the Muse:

This card was so fitting! I have found my inspiration from within. Intead of listening to the ‘you can only focus on one thing’ I decided to throw all that out the window and tap into my heart and what I felt called to do. I love the lotus flower on this card. The Lotus is a sacred symbol to me and reminds me of the journey I made in life. It’s part of my logo and I plan on (if I ever get a tattoo) having a Lotus flower tattoo. This card reminds me that I have everything I need to continue moving forward and to stay aligned with Source.

Too often, especially in this hustle mentality world we are made to focus on competition. The endless social scroll can paralyse people or sending them into fits of depression and anxiety. I noticed that I no longer scroll as much and if I do I do so from a place of love.

I am the Muse and the Sacred Creator of this divine vision that I am here to create. Simply put, stay focused, in flow, an aligned.

Business Focus for the next 3 Weeks

Move Beyond Intention to Belief

So powerful! Like I said I’m just getting into this rhythm and flow while simultaneously working on these two passions of mine. The intention is there, and I will see myself really trusting and believing in not only what I’m creating, but also in my ability to do the damn thing!

I have everything I need to be a successful spiritual business owner, community leader, and podcast/show producer. This is about using the knowledge I’ve gained along with the consistency and dedication it will take to see these babies thrive.

I really love this card and it’s solidifying for me the importance of my rituals, especially when it comes to business.

Business Focus for the next 3 Months

Bliss is Worth Creating From

Stay in alignment and joy. 3 months from now it will be just a few days before my birthday. So much can happen between now and then. I have ideas popping off like fireworks. This is about keeping the momentum and staying in a good place energetically. Again, my personal and business rituals are going to be crucial to maintaining my bliss. As well as pleasure, love, and enjoying the process.

It’s important to mind who you share your vision with as well. Not everyone will understand it nor will they support it. I see an incubator, this is the time to nurture your business and ideas. Sitting on the egg is work too, and keeps the egg safe.

I haven’t felt this good about my career in such a long time. This was like 3 green lights…It’s go time!


Abundance, Spiritual Guidance, Tarot Journal

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