April 12

Broken Winged Bird


Can’t settle down my mind and heart racing they want to see us fall.

Thousands of tears, many sleepless nights with no end in sight. My heart is dying my soul crying. Trying to understand how any of this is part of his plan it’s not that easy to start all over again.

My broken heart invested & interlaced. In all the wrong there’s so much right our souls connected on sight. But my heart is aching my mind confused I’m trapped in a daze sinking in quicksand trying to be a woman, mother, business owner, friend, employee, his rock, his fortress, friend.

Giving so much of me there’s nothing left for me to give but my words my words so they spill forth. I pour them on to paper. I type them on this screen so that I do not scream!

What the hell is happening to me and hundreds of thousands of women like me?

What the hell is happening in my community?

Caught in the struggle living a life that was never planned hanging in the balance of it all knowing that one day it just might fall; then what do you do? When you’re the rock who can you turn too?

No one understands not even you can understand why you do the things you do it’s like you caught a flu feeling sick, so sick of this world. Where the rules that only apply to you if your skin is chocolate filled with melanin they want to box you in.

There’s a sickness in the air.

They break our men, destroy our women, and rob our children. And you just want to hold it together so you don’t become one of them. One of the ones that lost her way, led astray. My heart I think it beats but I can’t feel it. I think I pray but I can’t hear it.

The pressure the pressure is too much to bear I’m pulling out my hair can’t imagine that I’m living this life right here. A queen without at King surrounded by pawns unaware of what’s really going on out here.

I hold my children close so they know momma cares even if the see me staring off off over there deep in my thoughts without words so silent but they those that these words are the ones that are heard.

Broken broken broken winged bird.

April is National Poetry Month. It’s been a while since I have shared a poem with you. I hope you like it. Share your thoughts in the comments and share with your friends and family.


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