March 16

Believe in Yourself


When I say you have to believe in yourself I mean that with every fiber of my being. When you follow your heart, dreams, goals, morals, beliefs, and spirit the rest of the world will be upset. Even your family and closest friends may not get it. They along with your inner critic, will be busy trying to stop you or change your mind.

This isn’t always the case, but just be prepared for resistance. Friends and teachers recommended coaching to me time and time again. I still refused it. I didn’t believe it was for me and I didn’t want to be one of ‘them’, but I wanted to have a positive impact and help women change their lives. I started this coaching business (that was NOT my plan) from nothing.

I just followed my heart. It was not my intent to coach, and wasn’t part of my plan. I even resisted it.

I went through so many things in my life and I naturally shared my stories with others that I came into contact with in an effort to help them with life issues and matters of the heart.

Uplifting others is in my nature and makes me feel good. I started blogging for the same reasons, to share my story and to heal myself. Quickly it turned into something greater.

The Spiritual Love Healer

Before I was known as The Spiritual Love Healer (Coach), I called myself a Life Strategist. I fought against being called a Life Coach until my coach said “Jovhannah you’re a coach”.

I said “No, I’m a personal consultant”. She replied, “Jovhannah, you are a coach”.

I sat in silence and let it soak in. I had to practice saying Life Coach. When I accepted it, I realized that I was not fighting a title, I was denying my purpose.

I am creative by nature. Some of my hobbies are art, reading, writing, sewing, crafts, teaching, talking (which used to get me in trouble), and photography. I love creating!

I have written technical manuals and developed and led training classes to help people learn new systems. I loved it because I could create and teach something helpful.

It just didn’t fulfill me. I had to work because I had to take care of my daughter and I.

I didn’t know that the positions I have held were preparing me to start my own business, the Spiritual Love Sanctuary, formerly known as Positive Forward Movement, LLC.

My intention was to be a blogger, hoping others learn from the life experiences I share. I never imagined it would turn into me becoming a business owner and definitely not as a life coach, healer, or spiritual guide.

I share why The Spiritual Love Healer is my style of coaching in this post.

Accept and Believe

Once I accepted what was taking place in my life it is like I heard God’s voice say “Go forth my child and be fruitful.” When I accepted that my purpose was to help women restore self-love and make positive changes in life, my heart became full, ideas started pouring in, and I really started investing in myself and my gift. I began to see the vision and believe in it all. The things I’ve gone through and learned were for this very reason, to serve others.

I would not be here if I didn’t believe in myself. I could have suppressed the desire and belief that was within me, but instead, I chose to ignore the world and follow the voice within me. I know that this journey will be full of challenges, but I know that I can get through them because I believe in me. I can believe in myself because I know that my steps are divinely ordered.

Get Support

Still, being a Spiritual Life Coach didn’t fit. It wasn’t until I accepted that my mission was to focus on love and relationships that everything started coming together for me.

I resisted being a relationship coach for a long time because I felt like I wasn’t where I wanted to be. I was judging myself and all it did was keep me stuck, preventing me from helping the women I set out to help in the first place.

I decided to accept the gifts I’ve been given intuition, energy healing, tarot and all. I dove head first into my coaching business and started rebuilding everything.

I let go of the negativity that I was hearing and seeing around the coaching industry and connected with a teacher and other people in this space who believe in me and support me.

So even though it hurt when a close friend told me “life coaches just be on some bullshit” I was able to take that negative energy and put it into my life’s work so that I can make a positive impact on the world. There are enough people in the world that will create doubt and fear, don’t be one of them and don’t feed into their negativity.

If you don’t believe in yourself you may miss your opportunity. We make excuses and instead of living in excitement we live in fear. That’s not really living. Never give up on your dreams and don’t let the rest of the world drown out your voice!

My mission is to help women heal their hearts, expand what is possible for them, and tap into the abundance and love they desire.


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