May 18

Being Their Mommy


Just three weeks ago I became a mom – again.

My little one has kept me quite busy and I love every moment of it. Now that I have some free time I can reflect on that glorious day.

She was born on April 26th. I was certain she wouldn’t make it to her May due date and I was right. I have a beautiful Baby Girl, Savvi. Her big sister Kaylah is so proud!

I must say that labor and delivery this time around was a very life-changing and monumental event. My firstborn is 12 years old. When I had her things were so different.

This time I was able to make better choices and stand firm in them. I get to experience this thing called Motherhood all over again with Kay watching, and that makes it even more special.

Seeing the love in her eyes as she holds her baby sister fills my heart with joy that can’t be imagined. And my daughter gets to see the purest form of love all over again, the love of a Mother. I am much softer and kinder. The past has definitely been left behind as I have transitioned into this new stage of life.

These babies are my world, my pride, my joy, my legacy, my princesses, and I am proud to be called Mommy. They are the reason why I work hard to be a better person, to change my life and help others do the same.


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