August 11

Another Way to Look at Letting Go

Peace and Blessings Mama! Today there is a quick message for the show. I pulled ‘Letting Go’ as the Card of the Month. Letting go is often thought of as cutting something out or off. Releasing something that’s not good for us in some way, but I want you to think of letting go as something that you need to realese. Something that needs to come through you or be brought out into the world.

Maybe there is an idea, a conversation, a creative work, or something that you need to create. Like releasing energy by dancing, singing, running, or playing with your children. Coloring is an amazing way to release creative energy too.

I’ve had the idea to do this show for a couple of years and didn’t have the time to really focus on it and then April comes around and I’ve created this space for Healing Single Mothers. It’s here and for me, that’s something that I needed to release and put out into the world.

Think about what it is that you can release in a way of expressing yourself, moving energy, and creating.


Let Go, Letting Go, Perspective, Release, Shift

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