August 7

An Update on the Single Moms Spiritual Journal


This year I’m embarking on a personal journey and won’t be publishing a new journal this year. I want one that’s less calendar based and more of a journal. As I complete 2022 and enter into 2023 I’m certain the vision that I have for Healing Single Mothers will be clear.

I am working on a book and have plans to complete it within the next year. I’m not forcing it and allowing myself to write when inspiration strikes. So many things have happened this year that have shifted my attention, but I’m bubbling with creativity.

My focus has shifted away from coaching and readings and I’m so happy with that. My reading practice has returned to something that’s personal and I’m no longer taking clients for any services. My dream business is on its way and in the meantime, I am preparing for my Abundantly Ever After.

Healing Single Mothers will remain but will become a segment of the Abundantly Ever After Show. The focus will be on all things single parenting and living from my perspective as a single mom. My business the Spiritual Love Sanctuary will reopen in 2023 and I’m ecstatic about finally having the sacred healing space that I’ve been desiring.

Everything is coming together. I do hope to resume new podcast episodes, so stay tuned! If you have questions or something that you’d like to share with me, submit that here.


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