September 14

All Guys are Liars and Cheaters


A string of bad relationships or even just one bad guy will have you feeling like there are no good men out there worth your time.

I’ve been there and it taught me a lot.

  1. There are good men out there who are ready, willing, and able to commit to a healthy relationship.
  2. You can attract the same kind of guy or type or relationships if you haven’t done the work to heal your heartset and mindset around love and relationships.
  3. The power is in your heart and hands…and mouth. If you say there are no good men, you won’t find one.
Wait…are you telling me it’s my fault?

Nope! I’m not judging or placing blame at all. I’ve been there too.

Stuck on repeat.

Wanting something more.

Desiring something meaningful and feeling like I wasn’t going to find it. There are men out there who are liars and cheaters. But we can control who and what we allow into our space.

The energy you put out pulls things in, including men. If you feel that you keep meeting no good players, liars and cheaters put a pause on dating and focus on you.

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Be honest, and explore if there is mistrust, past hurt, or lack of self-love lingering. Also, men can smell desperation. When you date from a place of lack or longing, it can distract you and lead you to settle for less than you deserve.

Women can too, but we are kind of taught to mistrust ourselves because we are natural helpers and nurtures. You may explain away behavior or feel that the drama, including lies and cheating, is part of the process.

Spend some time reflecting on your past relationships.

They say hindsight is 20/20; what ‘Red Flags’ did you allow to slip by?

Get really clear on what you desire and deserve in a relationship. Then figure out your dating strategy. These are just a few of the things I cover in Love Rehab with my clients.

Some of the women I work with choose to focus on themselves, others are really wanting to see a change in their Love Life.

Either way, if you feel that you will be single forever or that there are no good men in this world, I am here to help.


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