April 11

Align with Your Inner Wisdom


I pulled a few cards for the work that I do in social media. I wanted to better understand my role and how I could truly be of support and got The Teacher (Hierophant) and the Lovers from The New Chapter Tarot deck.

These cards were pulled about a week ago, and I left them on my desk. My first thought was I need to learn more! But that didn’t sit right so I just let the cards marinate and today, it all clicked.

The Teacher is me. It’s about the wisdom that I have. It’s not about finding a guru or expert, it’s me realizing that I AM ONE!

It’s so easy to think we don’t know and to doubt our own wisdom and knowledge. These cards are calling for me to tap into my wisdom and be confident in what I know. Of course I will continue to learn and develop my skills, but NOW is time to stop doubting and second guessing because I am wise. I know what I know. And what I know is priceless!

With The Lovers, this is about me embracing what I know and integrating it into my work. Align with my inner wisdom and put that out into the world. I’ve also started doing energy healing work around social media, and it’s had such a profound effect after just a few days.

I also have this calling to support other spiritual businesses in establishing their social media presence. There are things that I’ve learned that I can share with others to help them spread their messages as well. When it comes to my work, it’s time to do and share what I know. Stop doubting, and bring alignment into social media work.


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