September 5

Abundantly Ever After the Community, Collective, and Mastermind


I’ve always dreamed of having a community where I could connect with people and share. Initially, I had a Facebook Group, but that became extremely draining and people weren’t able to see my content. That discouraged me and I began to look for a platform where I could create a truly sacred space for my community.

I have really enjoyed social media and will keep my profiles available, but I will not be active there any longer. The landscape of social has shifted, and after working as a social media manager I desire a different experience.

Finally, in 2022 (it took YEARS), I found the right platform that exceeded the vision I had for my work. I created the Abundantly Ever After Community which includes 3 ways for you to be part of my Abundant Soul Tribe!

Besides my website, this space is where I will post content, inspiration, readings and more!

Plus inside we have conversations, courses, events, and it lets me provide additional guidance and support.

So let’s get into the levels inside the community.

Abundantly Ever After Community

First you can become an Abundantly Ever After Tribe member, as part of the free community. It’s similar to the groups that I’ve hosted on Facebook, but way better and less noisy!

You’ll get access to the forum, our book club, and healing circles. Also, there’s a feedback corner for you to support each other too. Andd to make it even more special I carved out sacred section just for single moms.

As a Tribe member, you get access to all of this and whatever else I add later. Like the challenges, collective readings, q&a sessions, and much more!

Abundance Code Collective

This baby was birthed when I combine Reiki, Manifestation, Journaling, and the cycles of the moon and has evolved into the Mastermind.

However, we still come together as a collective to focus on manifesting our desires inside this part of the community.

As part of the Collective, you’ll have access to the ‘course’ area that includes a monthly masterclass, reading, and a group coaching or healing session. This level of the community is $44 monthly.

Each month I will do an abundance reading, we’ll meet for a live healing or coaching session and there will be a lesson or masterclass shared based on your needs.

Abundantly Ever After Mastermind

This is where all the magic happens! As part of the Mastermind, we go even deeper together. Not only will you receive coaching, but I will also act as your vision keeper, helping you stay accountable.

This mastermind operates on a 13-month calendar system and follows the cycles of the moon to amplify your manifestation power! Throughout the month I will perform rituals and healing sessions for the group.

You also have a bi-weekly vision-keeping session to help you stay accountable to the intention that you set. We go deep together, transforming our hearts, minds, and lives on step at a time.

Access to the mastermind is only $88/monthly or $888 for the year. This is a 13-month commitment. You will only benefit by staying in for the duration. I recommend this level for you if you desire a high level of support, including healing sessions, spiritual guidance, and coaching to help you reach your goals.

Into the Future

I’m calling in a beautiful community of Abundant Souls who enjoy the show and the sacred space I created for us. I want this to be THE go to space for people who are truly wanting to get their life back on track and feel supported and witnessed in their own healing and living!

I remember the days when it was just me and my journal. I would pour out my dreams wishing I had someone to share them with, but I’d learned the hard way no one believed in me. Overcoming all the shit I’ve been through it is my duty to be there to support you.

And so now, I invite you to join me in the Abundantly Ever After Community, for free as a tribe member.

There is no pressure, no obligation and you won’t be left hanging as a member. If you’re part of the Tribe, Collective, or Mastermind you will experience transformation in this sacred space.


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