September 15

A Year Ago Today


9.15.14 A day I will always remember!

Wow, time certainly does fly. A year ago on this very day, my doctor confirmed what I was trying to deny for weeks. I was pregnant! Hearing “Congratulations” from her changed my entire world in an instant. I knew that this was my chance.

Things with my 1st daughter weren’t the best and I really felt like this was my chance to be the woman and mother I have dreamed of being for both of my girls.

Honestly, I felt creation, love, and purpose. Something that seemed to be missing from my life. I felt alive and it was something that I needed. Being pregnant was a miracle and a blessing. Every time I heard her heartbeat all my problems and worries just evaporated.

I was also a bit scary. Kaylah is almost 13 years old. I was worried I wouldn’t know how to handle a baby after so many years! I can say that it came back and I love being a Mom.

I love caring for my infant and watching all the new things that she does each day. I love seeing the blossoming of my daughter’s relationship with each other. I have so much love and joy in my life and everything is falling into place. That is not to say my life is free of struggles, but my joys outweigh my burdens.

My girls are my world as well and I love them so much. Being a mother has helped me to find my purpose in life. Everything I do, I do to show them that We Can!

Creating that life that developed in my womb for 40 weeks was such a gift, and helped me to reconnect with myself again. I loved every moment of being pregnant.

Even labor and delivery, every moment since 9.15.14 has been worth living!


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