October 15

9 Tips to Manage Stress at Work


Stress in the workplace is REAL! It exists and will continue to exist. I dealt with my fair share of stress and even toxic work environments, and I know I’m not alone. So many people deal with it too!

Sometimes there is little we can do to handle stress at work.

Some people have naturally stressful jobs and some work with stressful people. Some unfortunate souls have BOTH!!

My job is far from a high-stress job, but I use the same coping techniques to deal with it, cause people.

Handling stress at work is important for peace of mind. Check out the tips below that I used to help me find inner peace at work:

  1. Talk about it – Getting things out helps us process things and let them go so we don’t harbor it all inside
  2. Exercise – Even a brisk walk at lunch can clear your mind & elevate your mood
  3. Eat & Stay Hydrated – Hunger makes us crabby. Stay fed and hydrated to stay cool, calm, & collected.
  4. Music – Listen to something soothing jazz, classical, r&b..whatever calms you and puts you in a good mood! Music definitely influences our moods so listen to something positive & upbeat or relaxing.
  5. Write it down – If you can’t talk about it write about it. Get it all out and you’ll feel much better.
  6. Find a resolution – Maybe it’s another job, self-employment, changing offices, or decorating your workspace. If it’s that bad or you are being harassed then you may need to talk to your manager or take it to HR.
  7. Take breaks – Seriously don’t work through your break time! You deserve them.
  8. Leave work at work – Whatever time your workday ends, remember it’s over! Enjoy your time off from work
  9. Do your best and don’t stress the rest!

Something that I do is write a Gratitude Journal at work. In tough times it reminds me why my job is awesome and needed in spite of challenges.

Having an attitude of gratitude is another great method of handling stress. List 3 -5 reasons why you like or need your job.

I keep my workspace clean and will even say a prayer or two throughout the day to stay encouraged.

We have to be strong in mind and spirit and that includes the workplace too!


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