December 23

2023 Tarot Deck Selection


Since we’re entering a new phase, season, and year I wanted to choose the decks I’d be working with in 2023.

I stood in front of my collection looking over decks and feeling into where I was being pulled, and I chose the decks that I’m using.

They are all melanated decks created by/for POC.

I also decided that any new decks that I purchase must fall under this category too. I don’t have much on my wishlist right now. But, the creators of the Tazama African Tarot have a new Oracle deck coming out, the Love Oracle of Eden, that I will purchase.

My spiritual practice desires for me to continue working with the Great Mother, feeling into devotion, and honoring all that is. I also know working with my roots and ancestral line is very healing and powerful for me. So I chose to work with decks that I am truly reflected in.

From my current collection, I selected these decks:

I was also guided to pull Wisdom of the Sacred Bee, even though it's not a POC deck. I'm not sure why but am certain that will be uncovered as I work with it.

Purchasing these decks was so empowering.

I truly love seeing Blackness, Indigenous, and Culture in the Tarot.

It helped me to connect with it in a deeper way. I’ve purchased these decks and don’t feel I’ve fully allowed myself to work with them, and it’s time! It’s been time to dive into these in a deep and meaningful way.

There is such a profound power in truly studying a deck. From the weeks I spent with just the Herbcrafter’s Tarot, I learned so much and uncovered powerful themes happening in my life.

They have so many layers to them! I’ve spent time working with decks from other creators, and cards that although were ‘diverse’ I didn’t see myself reflected in.

Now it’s time to align my practice more and more with myself and my beliefs. I will still have and work with other decks, but my intention is to work with these in 2023 and to ensure any new decks are aligned with this as well.


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2023 is the Year of Devotion
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