January 2

2023 is the Year of Devotion


I don’t remember the word I chose for 2022 or 2021 for that matter, but I know they were powerful and transformational years for me. As 2022 comes to a close, I have been in deep reflection. Reviewing this year, my life… just everything.

I’ve been walking with DEVOTION unknowingly since enrolling in Devoted Energy Coaching School and becoming a Certified Devoted Energy Coach.

For a few years, I’ve been guided toward specific spiritual paths and hadn’t fully embraced them. My energy was tied up in things that were draining me.

This year I had an awakening. I was saved in a sense and devotion came into my awareness, especially through my study of the Herbcrafter’s Tarot.

Many of the cards pulled spoke of rituals, devotion, and leading as a teacher and healer. It was something that I couldn’t ignore.

So I chose DEVOTION as my word and theme for 2023. To explore what that looks like in my daily life.

Devotion is about being Devoted to ME. To my values, desires, beliefs, my goals, my business. Devotion is what will allow me to evolve into the version of myself that’s slowly emerging.

She is the best version of me. Who is living Abundantly Ever After, playing full out, sharing and leading her sacred Community.

I am her. I am Devoted to my path and purpose.

2023 will be a year like no other. I can feel the magic and power brewing as I transition into this new phase.


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