December 22

12.22.22 Card of the Day: Abundant Thoughts and Actions

I have been busy and didn’t keep up with posting my daily read, but I have been consistent in pulling my daily reads.

With a new year coming I wanted to switch things up. After working with the Herbcrafter’s Tarot consistently I saw the power in connecting more deeply with that deck, which led me to choose my 2023 decks

For now, I’ll be using the Tazama African Tarot and African Goddess Rising Oracle for my readings.

The cards I pulled today are:

Scarcity and Page of Swords. Talk about a READ!!

Tazama African Tarot & African Goddess Rising Oracle

When I saw the Scarcity card I could feel the contraction. This wasn’t about not having enough, but with the Page of Swords these cards spoke to how I was limiting my communication.

I had a conversation with a friend today about how dating can bring up overthinking or just trying to figure it all out in general.

Today I reflected on so many things surrounding how I communicate and could see the ways that I was holding myself back.

It was refreshing to see and feel this. Naming it so that I can release it. Coming to an understanding that all is well and being reminded that I am so safe.

The more I can express myself the more ease I can experience.


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