December 13

12.13.22 Card of the Day: Plans in Motion

Today’s card is The Chariot. I must say I accomplished quite a bit today.

I’m feeling more energetic, and clear on what I desire to do. This card is one that I associate with taking aligned action and tapping into my Solar Plexus, which is our power center. I’m feeling this energy more strongly after doing some Root and Sacral Chakra activations.

Next year is also the Chariot year! I feel this is a sign that I’m on the right path and taking the steps that I need to already. I don’t have any big planning in mind for this year, but I will be hosting an 2022 Closing Spiritual Love Circle event to really embrace what 2022 has been and to welcome in a new start and year for 2023.

The Chariot is represented by Cedar. It’s one of my favorite woody essential oils. The guidebook speaks of acting with courage and determination, along with traveling between heaven and earth. I thought that was really interesting as I’ve had very vivid dreams lately that have been taking me on some journeys.

Another aspect of the guidebook that stood out was “have faith in the experience.” I think this is especially important as I explore developing new relationships and overall having a new perspective and opportunity at life.

I am trusting in the experience and process, being devoted to exploring what is right and true for me in 2023 and always.


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